1. Lock YOLOL?

    It seems like we have lots of thread about secured BP. Then I would like to raise a similar issue. Is locking YOLOL chip necessary? I think YES I think this protection should be seperated from secured BP. YOLOL chips can be locked even the ship already sold. Like IRL car, customer can change...
  2. The Harbingerman Chronicles

    Found in a robot junkyard of bits and pieces this Endo managed to assemble itself ... then was able to increase its knowledge and awareness of its sorroundings so much that it began to retrieve data from ships and other partial Endo brains as to become a shipbuilder and programmer in the...
  3. YOLOL Chip - how to see in storage if they have code

    Hello Hello.. One thing i can think of, that could be a nice thing for those of us who are programming YOLOL chips. Is a field on the pad, that we can populate with a string. That string should be visible in the name of the chip, when we hover our mouse over it, so we can see if the chip has...
  4. XenoCow

    XenoCow's YOLOL Guides

    !!!YOLOL Guides!!! Welcome to my guides on the in-game programming language YOLOL. I hope yo be informative, useful, and brief with them. Take a look and have fun programming! Episode #1, the basics:
  5. Sven Drunken Heart

    YOLOL Virus/Corruption Game Play

    I looked in this forum but I didn't see any mention of this idea. I know that this idea won't be universally beloved, but I would like to share it anyways. I think that malware related game mechanics would be very interesting. I'll put my rough ideas below, and thank you to the few who take the...
  6. Unicode Char Vote

    Sooo Joel was so nice to ask around if they could add/enable a couple more Unicode chars. Today he told us that we should make a list with the top-10/20 chars we would like to see in the game. We compiled a little list with chars that are included in the font SB uses but don't work in-game. They...
  7. Axel

    What are the advantages of YOLOL over the existing langs?

    I understand that it's too late, but I think many players feel same. Coding experience on some other language likely is useful for easy learning and fast scripting, but it will be most useful when writing in a some modern and popular lang and most easy to jump into scripting when players already...
  8. Programmable and customisable screens

    I am suggesting a simple programmable screen, something similar to garry's mod -> Wiremod -> EGP Screens. The way they work are quite simple, you get a blank screen, that you can then modify by programming in shapes, text and polygons at x and y coordinates. It's a really simple concept, yet...
  9. Zaff

    ISAN v2.0 Beta: Open source navigation / coordinate system

    ISAN V2.0 BETA Those of you who keep up-to-date with what happens inside Closed Alpha, might've heard of ISAN before. It's a YOLOL project giving you XYZ coordinates for navigation, like a GPS. It has quickly become widely adopted by many ship designers in CA. To further improve upon ISAN, the...
  10. The Mad King

    YOLOL Coding Possibilities?

    So could you make an automatic evasive maneuvers program with YOLOL?
  11. Zaff

    ISAN - Starbase GPS / YOLOL Navigation

    Introducing ISAN! It's a free GPS/navigation solution from Collective. :) Put it onto your spaceship, and you'll have access to XYZ coordinates!
  12. Durtle02

    Can't be any more excited for the game!

    Just made my forums account cause I wanted to chat around here instead of the discord for a bit more structured conversation lol I've been following the games development for well over half a year but have only mostly lurked. Wanted to get more involved and see whats up with the closed alpha...
  13. Engineering machine No.1

    remote control and Yolol more parameters

    Space ship module may need secure wireless control unit for remote control. Therefore player can develop drones such as mining drones, combat drones, guards, Sentry post. would yolol support user define function to improve the performance of the ship module control. this is important. we...
  14. Burnside

    Yolol USB-SD/Reader

    Essentially a very small YOLOL chip that only holds 2, 4, or 6 lines of code based on tier (the higher tiers also have the enhanced code functions) with a similarly small chip reader that's unobtrusive and easy to place anywhere, perfect for things like access keys or any other function that you...
  15. Azelous

    YOLOL Code Marketing

    What do people envision the marketing for YOLOL code to look like? Will they be one time payments for the client to gain the code to copy/paste to the rest of their faction? Will there be no market for code, as Cyclon makes everything open source? Will coders be able to sell multiple chips as...
  16. NoName


    So through the game play reveal trailers and other Starbase videos we know that there will be robot arms that are capable of using the bolt tool/gun. We have also been shown a factory of sorts for ship parts (in the YOLOL game play video). We also will have a tool that will show weather our...
  17. Matrixmage

    [Tool] Yoloxide Web: a mostly functional web-based Yolol emulator!

    Spawning out of our hard work in Cylon, I'm working on a mostly functional Yolol emulator! Keep in mind it's quite alpha, and regularly has issues. If you encounter one of these issues, please let me know here or in the Cylon discord. Features include: Editing code! Running code! Setting data...
  18. Matrixmage

    Cylon: the Collaborative Yolol Learning Open Network

    Cylon is the Collaborative Yolol Learning Open Network We are not a faction, anyone and everyone can join Cylon. Cylon is an open non-faction community dedicated to forming a repository of knowledge for yolol, teaching said knowledge to others, and fostering research into new knowledge...