Can't be any more excited for the game!

May 27, 2020
Just made my forums account cause I wanted to chat around here instead of the discord for a bit more structured conversation lol

I've been following the games development for well over half a year but have only mostly lurked. Wanted to get more involved and see whats up with the closed alpha going on right now.

I have a particular interest in the YOLOL code and love economy based games where I can maximize my profits. Space gemes in general are always very attractive to me because of the setting but building spaceships and stations is all the much better. I've got a few hundred hours in Space Engineers but the one thing it was lacking for me was multiplayer. I could get some people to play with on occasion but it was never enough. I'm looking forward to Starbase cause I think the MMO and faction based gameplay will be a lot more attractive to my friends and even if they pass on the game I can find some others to join.

Either way, super excited for Starbase and to get to know the community <3