CA Testers Log during the Embargo


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Aug 9, 2019
This log is made from its original on Google Docs. Link can be found here:

7th-8th May:

CA begins.(Yes, you all been bamboozled. CA didn't start on the 11th.)

Massive grind initiative. Vasama cost confirmed to be a half an hour grind.

High cost attributed to ships. Mid to high cost tagged on Weaponry. Low to mid cost on tools and everything else.

Build 126 to Build 129.

First kill of Starbase Close Alpha.(Ok, let's be honest. It's not a surprise that it was an arranged battle between the player leadership of Empire and Kingdom, right?)

8th-9th May:

Ore prices confirmed.

Discussion over high entry ceiling and incentives on promoting solo play style. Discussion also includes ideas for making starter jobs more fun in the form of a guided tutorials and not just an endless, relentless grind.


"Meta" ships partially identified.

Bugs are present. Very.

First rescue mission accomplished.

Millionaire club established.(It's much harder than you think.)

In regards to the point made on piracy and intelligence in #starbase-chat, we know what we're saying. We just couldn't justify it with the embargo.

9th-10th May:

Found out that poor graphics card can cause epilepsy.

Used two screenshots to triangulate two lost ships.(How the f-ck does that even work.)

More bugs found.

SSC has a learning curve.(Its like Maya, Blender, etc etc. Go learn them before coming into SB.)

Elevator located in the marketplace.(You can still get lost.)

Slight argument over the viability of Piracy.(The only pirate in CA claims it's possible, but the method is questionable.)

Xhalium still not found.

10th-11th May:

Exploit attempt using SSC to reach the moon.(Took him 5 hours. He made it and took a video.)

Hostile "takeover" of Empire outpost by Lodestar. Somehow.

Build 129 to 135.

Xhalium is really hard to find, apparently. Also, Devs can tell how many ores have been mined.

"First" day of Close Alpha.

Exploit using integrated graphics card found and possibly able to be replicated by using older shader models. It becomes possible to find ships and stations by identifying the bloom.(Or suffer an epilepsy attack from it. Do NOT try this. Even without suffering from an attack it will give a severe headache.)

11th-12th May:

First scheduled convoy from Empire HQ to Empire outpost organised. Chaos ensued within the convoy and three quarter of the ships in the convoy were lost.

Exploit testing for spotting ships with an integrated graphics card returns inconclusive results. Likely not worth it.

16 found somewhere on the station.

Embargo ends tomorrow. CA testers are excited.

12th-13th May

Final log before the embargo lifts.

Second Convoy mission made. Chaos ensued due to a bug, but mission was successful compared to the first mission.

First off-station refuelling mission completed.

Third Convoy Mission to be made two hour after embargo lifts.

Preparations to show off content is being made as this is being written.
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