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Jul 15, 2019
During Closed Alpha we want to organize events. These are good for us as developers to get some additional data on the game and see how the game works in certain situations, and they provide a potentially fun way for players to play and test the game.

Right now there's only one major rule. We may do changes at any time or during an event, but here's the golden rule:
  • Do NOT shoot or otherwise cause damage to other players or ships during event preparations until permission is given by FB devs (e.g. KaiFB, PipFB)
    • If you see a large group gathering around in known event locations such as Empire Outpost B, Pirate Base, Robur station, or elsewhere, assume that they may be there for an event and please check #event-announcements in Discord to quickly see if an event is taking place
Also remember to check the Chat for messages that may help you figure out if an event is running and shoudn't be messed with.

The above rule applies EVEN TO NON-SAFEZONE areas (such as Robur). Not having a safezone is the whole point of organizing combat/FFA events.

"Event preparations" is a loose term and we'll do a case-by-case judgment if needed, but generally 30-60 minutes before an event is scheduled to start is a good rule of thumb to not bother endos gathered at an event location. If you know there's an event coming up in the same day, then please just avoid doing any PvP there at all as the safest option. Once the event has been declared over by an FB dev in the chat, then this rule is no longer in force.

This rule also applies to ships and endos around the event location during the event and its preparations - i.e. ships flying in/to Robur, for example within a kilometer radius.


Pirates are NOT allowed to fly with the Convoy. Pirates must follow "their" rules, i.e. if the event has "Pirates start from Pirate Base", then that is a hard rule that must be followed. Flying with the Convoy and then turning against the Convoy is a bannable offense.

Non-pirates are NOT allowed to fly with the pirates, similarly to above. If you're not in the pirate group, don't try to pose as one. Convoy sending out "scouts" is perfectly fine though (as long as all Convoy-sided ships leave from the designated Convoy area).

We may also delete ships that disobey this rule directly.

Note that this applies to developer-led "Convoy Events" and is not a rule against attacking "normal" convoys.


Not following these rules may result in a A) temporary ban, B) longer ban, C) permanent ban and revocation of your Steam key. We'll try to be understanding of mistakes but going against this rule may ruin events completely and even cause delays to the development of the game - so please be mindful of this rule!


In the future we will have better ingame ways to reduce unwanted behavior, but at this point during Closed Alpha we want everybody to follow these rules. The main purpose is to let us run the events as they have been designed because that helps the game get better (and in many cases a lot of these events help the PvP aspects of the game, so doing malicious PvP before an event is very counterproductive to the game's PvP design).
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