[DE] Capital Ships - Keine Großkampfschiffe

Feb 6, 2021
As the word occurs often and I have not seen it yet: How shall we translate the word "Capital Ships"? One translation you might find through google or wikipedia would be "Großkampfschiff". I believe this to be unfitting, as there will be civilian capital ships, and that word necessarily implies a military function. As that stands, we could also use the word "Großschiff", which, when translated literally, just means "great(in the sense of big) ship".

Other proposals might be: Mutterschiff (Mothership), Riesenschiff (Giant Ship), Hauptschiff (Main/Capital Ship - "Haupt" is also used for the word "Hauptstadt" (Capital city), Megaschiff (...). I might also think of some others, but those come to mind. Kapitalschiff as a translation I would not approve. It sounds like the ECB of ships.

Another question is on blueprints: Do we continue using "Baupläne", or should we switch to "Blaupausen". Both are fine, I would just like to establish a precedent so this doesn't come up again.