EA Update 13.8.2021 (EA Build 550)


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Sep 6, 2019

Major Updates
  • Tripod and Tripod Autocannon add 20 tons of weight to the ship they are attached to
    • In total complete tripod weights 40 tons
    • Very small ships have a risk of suffering catastrophic structural damage, if too many Tripods are added to them
      • This is ship specific and results may vary based on structural integrity of the ship
  • Inventory crafting with ore crates
  • Free weld Easy Build Mode at stations (single parts can be attached to stations). Use C to toggle between modes
  • New rotate logic in Easy Build Mode: Shift+Mousewheel rotates the piece in hand around its horizontal axis. This replaces the old X/Y/Z rotate logic
  • New single icon crafting menus
Known Issues
  • Starting crafting at the same time from same ore crates with other player may cause ores to be lost
  • When equipping weapon or tool magazines straight from station storage or inventory they may get stuck in the magazine slot
    • To fix a stuck magazine, try double clicking it or sell it through sell panel and this will free up the magazine slot for use again
  • Separating any part with thrusters in it from a ship in Easy Build Mode will permanently break the ship and make it unusable

Patch Notes

  • Added UI sounds for Fast Travel Gate menu
  • Added sounds for Mining Laser firing
  • Modified Maneuvering Thruster sounds a bit
Crafting and Research
  • Added 47 window modules
  • Added Hinge B 48x48 CM to Hinges & Hatches node in Research Tree
  • Added crafting bench requirements for:
    • Lever Mirrored
    • Small Navigation Receiver
    • Hinge (C-profile) 48x144x36 cm
    • Slider Basic A 48x144 cm
    • Hinge A 48x48 cm
    • Hinge B 48x144 cm
    • Hinge (L-profile) 24x144x36 cm
    • Navigation Receiver
    • Hinge A 48x144 cm
    • Lever
    • Turret Cradle
    • Launcher Mount Small Turntable
    • Fixed Launcher Mount
  • Added material composition for Metal Bender and Metal Saw bench upgrades
  • Changed the bottom of the Advanced Crafting Bench to look more like the other crafting benches and updated the bolt profile for it
  • Inventory crafting with ore crates
  • Fixed Block Module Slope v2 and Block Module Edge v2 not showing up properly
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash
  • Fixed refill options not requiring a Crafting Bench
  • Fixed unnaturally low entity material costs
  • Increased crafting range for crafting benches from 10 meters to 20 meters
  • Modules are now sorted alphabetically
  • Temporary images of window pieces have been replaced and their naming errors have been fixed
Easy Build Mode
  • Free weld Easy Build Mode at stations (single parts can be attached to stations). Use C to toggle between modes
  • New rotate logic in Easy Build Mode: Shift+Mousewheel rotates the piece in hand around its horizontal axis. This replaces the old X/Y/Z rotate logic
  • New, single icon crafting menus
  • Fixed issues caused by loose objects aligning wrong
  • Fixed issues caused by relogging during Easy Build Mode
  • Items now remember their rotation when placed
  • Fixed being able to place Easy Build Mode modules on top of yourself
  • Fixed economy fallback sell values for some crafted items
  • Fix for Bolt Tool vfx not attaching to the tool while on moving ships
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash after dropping quickbar items from Station Storages
  • Fixed an issue that caused occasional player death when relogging on moon surfaces due to inaccurate kill zone radius
  • Fixed an issue that caused ships to become unusable/unresponsive (group/owner issue)
  • Fixed issues that caused ghost objects
  • Items that are bound to the quickbar from Station Storage no longer move automatically to player inventory
  • Items can now be placed to quickbar straight from station storage
  • Fixed an issue that caused the weekly reward cap for mining job to apply to hauling asteroids improperly
  • Fixed demolition job rewarding wrong amount of credits for completing a ship
  • Added control settings menu item for ship mouse steering toggle (default bind: C)
  • Host Owned Ships defaults to true
  • Updated multiple ship descriptions (Sunny Ship Center & OKI ships)
  • Updated ship description styles (Skill level -> Skill Level), ISAN spelling consistency (ISAN Mono & ISAN Quad)
Ship Designer
  • Crafting Benches added to Ship Designer device category
  • Fixed resigned station's objects getting marked as item derelicts
  • Limited bolting in stations to only work inside operational Factory Hall Areas
  • While blueprint tab is open, hovering over durability errors selects them for a few seconds
  • Tripod and Tripod Autocannon add 20 tons of weight to the ship they are attached to
    • In total complete tripod weights 40 tons
  • Added a rotate guide for Fuel Rod tutorial
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to be guided to sit on a ship that disappears
  • Fixed an issue that caused the repair job tutorial to use ore from the player instead of the crates at the site
  • Fuel Rod tutorial triggers when player is seated at a ship
  • Added new rotate logic guide to Easy Build Mode tutorial
  • Added chat messages when a ship enters or exits gravity hover
  • ESC menu default binds icons image updated with bigger letters and less transparency
  • Fixed Research Tree window pixel border not showing
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Aug 9, 2019
  • Fixed an issue that caused the profits from selling ores from a company ship going to the wrong player
Company ships you say :D?


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Aug 22, 2019
Any hints on when the Auciton House will be fixed to show currently missing items? Ie. Crafting Benches


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Apr 5, 2021
Was hoping for the "forgotten" option to share ships with company .. ;)

But seriously.. I really appreciate the clear and hard work being done on the game.
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Aug 13, 2021
Not sure if this is related to any of the "Tutorial fixes" in this patch or not. But I Found an odd bug during the beginning-ish of the tutorial.

As a part of the tutorial, is there a fix for when your doing the scrapping the ship(s) part, and when spawning the larges available ships, the bigger ones (Last two ships at the bottom) that you can spawn in have a couple meters worth of gear on the very back that spawns slightly outside of the “area instance boundary” (example would be the very back thrusters on the biggest ship and adjoining beams/plates/brackets/bolts/etc), and thus once breaking those parts off the ship, or removing their securing bolts, those parts that are outside of the barrier slightly, don’t automatically get collected like everything else that is freed up. You have to either destroy them or manually hit “E” and grab each item, and move it back within the barrier in order to be detected and sucked into the collector. I found a way around this eventually, when I reproduced the error, by starting from the very back thrusters, and working forward until I got to parts that get auto sucked up. Once de-bolted and freed, I just grab the "Limbo parts" and move them inside the barrier. Works okay, but I had gotten a glitch when it first happened, - anything that was attached to a large whole section of the biggest ships' furthest backmost point, wasn’t detected when it showed the “ship etc scraped: 800 currency” but still had a good 25% of the rear section remaining. What happens at that point is it no longer counts any of those pieces, so even when you get them back inside and sucked up, you don't get the usually payout for each piece (Shame for more expensive bits like the bigger thrusters and such). Hopefully this makes sense. Is this a new thing or is it known. I couldn’t find a reference in known bugs. If this has been fixed already or if there's a known forum, please let me know.

Most likely, each ship just needs to have their spawn coordinates modified to spawn a couple degrees forward on its axis from present saved location. There is plenty of space in from of each craft, So it shouldn't be an issue. :coffee::cool:(y)

Cant wait to check out the changes, Keep up the amazing work team! Cheers

P.S. Psyched for this bit -
  • Inventory crafting with ore crates
Aug 13, 2021
Great update! Thanks! Would also be nice if you developers fix the chat bugs with company chat among others.
Many players report that when chatting in company chat they don't see their text and sometimes others can't see it either.
Also adding timestamps to chat would be nice! Thanks again for your hard work!
Nov 13, 2020
Love it! I'm still waiting on a fix for my ticket though... Bought a Marmot-MN just after the last patch where y'all fixed it in the store. It was working great that day, then I quit out and went to bed. I wake up ready to take the new ship out for some morning mining, and the ForwardThrust meter isn't working and I can't tell how fast I'm going. I made no modifications, other than temporarily bolting a craft table to a container pod so I could work on my station, which I've done many times with my other ships. I really have no idea how to fix this thing...
Mar 15, 2021
How does one use the "Free weld Easy Build Mode"? I'm trying to build a simple floor, I want to attach a basic plate to a station module but it just doesn't weld to it and the plate disappears after a relog.
Aug 13, 2021
This has probably been said a few times, sorting items in inventory is sorely needed unless i missed it somewhere.. ore should join to full stacks better (instead of yeeting them in space and re-grabbing them). I love the updates and the speed that they are being added. keep up the good work, i'm spending way to much time and fun in this game