Endo speech effect chain


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May 11, 2020
If you have ever wanted to do custom endo voice lines for your Starbase videos now it's possible!

Attached file has a Reaper project containing a modified effect chain of Starbase endo voice. Audible differences from original one are minor, but this one is modified to only use free VST effects.

If you have never used audio software this might be confusing, but for people familiar with Reaper or other regular DAWs making endo speech lines should be pretty easy.

Required software:
-Reaper DAW https://www.reaper.fm/
-FreeAmp 3 Full Guitar Amp VST https://rekkerd.org/fretted-synth/
-Plogue Alter/Ego speech synth VST and Bones voice bank (remember to download both!) https://www.plogue.com/products/alter-ego.html

-Install Reaper
-Install FreeAmp 3 Full, Plogue Alter/Ego and Bones voice bank. Installing VST plugins inside same folder (preferably in subfolders) makes things easier in next step.
-Set Reaper VST plug-in path same as where you installed the plugins. This setting can be found under Options-Preferences-VST. Re-scan plugins after you've selected proper path(s).
-Load effect chain and press play. You should now hear "This is a free endospeech effect chain" in endo voice.
-In midi editor (opened by double clicking the midi item on Speech-track) notes match syllables outputted by Alter/Ego
-In Alter/Ego UI (opened from FX-button of Speech-track) you can configure the voice line syllables
-Generally generating the voice from English works ok, but sometimes it sounds better if you edit the X-Sampa phonetic alphabet directly. In Alter/Ego UI Text and X Sampa buttons switch between English and X-Sampa
-Have fun!

Note regaring Bones usage:
We have cleared Bones voice bank usage for Starbase game and using it for fan material is fine. Tora Ouji still likes to get credited, so if you use voice clips made with this effect chain in Youtube etc. consider adding "Uses voice material from Tora Ouji" or "Uses Bones by Tora Ouji" to description.

No official support is available, but I can answer questions in this thread or you can contact me in Starbase Discord.


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Dec 17, 2019
Thanks for sharing downloaded reaper when they gave the three months free license but haven't tried anything on it, always go for Ableton Live, this gives me a reason to open it up and have some fun :) seems like it's a standard for gaming audio.