Faster processing: Data pipelines

Aug 9, 2019
When working with ship controls, it can be tricky to solve some problems, for example having Forward/Backward on the same "axis". Each of them expects a 0-100 value, so having a lever with -100 ... 100 range doesn't work. Yolol is one way to solve it but it's slow and space consuming for smaller ships, plus needs some advanced knowledge to set up.
A proposion for fast data processing: micro-yolol chips, or simply "Data pipelines". They would be connected to a network and does very basic mathematical transformations with zero to no delay. Each chip would be able to do one operation, like "Subtract chip", "Add chip", "Negate chip" etc... Each would have 2 or 3 fields:
  1. "Result": would hold the result of the calculation
  2. "Input 1": would be the left hand operand, could accept either a number or a string. A number means... a number (surprise!) and a string would mean a network variable's name (e.g.: ":VarName" in yolol)
  3. "Input 2": would be the right hand operand, same rules.
As per placement: either they could use their own socket or place them into a yolol chip socket. Now, since their size would be MUCH smaller a single Yolol reader could accept many of these chips.

As an extra: if they would get their own socket, along the "normal" socket, there could be a "relay socket" that does not forwards any incoming variable changes, but only the result.