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Aug 9, 2019
1. Be polite and respect others.
We want this to be a nice place for everyone. Any kind of harassment, abuse, hate speech or discrimination against other individuals or their life is not welcome. Avoid these topics and continuing discussion about them. Violators and repetitive offenders will be banned, if the violation is serious. Especially threatening is not okay and joking about threats.

2. No NSFW content
All content, including your messages, links, images, avatars and nicknames, can’t have explicit sexual or gory content. Post including NFSW material will be removed and the user banned for severe and repetitive offends. Also keep your language proper, no excessive cursing or your message might be edited or deleted.

3. No spam
Spamming messages and links is not allowed. This includes unnecessary bumping. Repetitive offend or severe spamming will result in a ban.
Before starting a new thread, do look if a thread with the topic already exists. Posts and threads with the same content can be moved or removed.

4. No advertising (outside the game world)
No advertising is allowed, except for sharing your in-game related faction or community on the Factions and recruitment area (one thread per faction) or sharing your Starbase related stream or Youtube video on Streaming and videos area. But keep in mind that spamming is not allowed.

5. No trolling, flaming or harassment
Posts that are meant to troll, flame, bait and/or harass people are not allowed. General trouble making results eventually in a ban, if the only contribution to the community is to spread toxicity and provoke others. Also impersonating a developer or a moderator is forbidden.

Posting to another faction’s recruiting thread in order to harass them is not allowed. Faction recruiting threads are for members and those who are interested in joining the faction, not for fights between factions.

6. Stay on topic and keep the discussion civilized
If a discussion derails significantly, the original topic will be locked. When posting on the forums, keep the discussing civilized and be additive not repetitive. The forums are not a place for posting memes but for discussing the game. This is not Discord.

7. No discussion about moderation actions
Do not discuss moderation decisions and actions publicly. Do not argue with the moderators. To appeal a moderation action, email Please note that contacting the community management doesn’t mean your ban will automatically be lifted. Any harassment and threat emails sent to us will be ignored.

8. Do not share private information about individuals or corporations. No doxxing.
Do not post another user’s personal information without their permission, this includes email addresses, other website profiles or other sensitive material. This also includes links to topics where such content can be found.

9. One forum account per user
You are one person, stick to one forum account. Circumventing bans with alts are not allowed, and if this is discovered, also the alts are banned and the probation of the original account is extended.

10. Keep the chat to English
Exceptions are allowed in Factions and recruitment area where the recruitment ads can be in other languages, but do remember to follow the other rules regarding proper language (no cursing, offensive or NSFW-content). All following discussion in the thread needs to be in English. It is also okay to post Starbase related Youtube-videos in Streaming and videos that are in other languages, but all text in the post should be in English.

11. Note that changes to the rules can be made without further notice, but expect them to stay fairly similar. These rules are general guidelines for good behaviour, so please note that also trolling without technically breaking the rules may be sanctioned.

Also remember to check the Terms and rules for this forum platform.
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