Introducing Starbase community translations


Community Manager
Mar 13, 2019
Introducing Starbase community translations

As Starbase is growing bigger in both content and community, we would like to provide it to more players in their own language. However, since the game is in Closed Alpha, and heading to Early Access, there will still be many changes incoming, creating challenges for using conventional localization methods.

This is why we are turning to you, Starbase Community, and your language skills and vast knowledge of the game for assistance. We want to invite you to join the process of translating Starbase!

What you need to join:
- Gmail account
- Good language skills and grammatical knowledge in your own language
- Adequate English skills
- Knowledge and understanding of the game and its universe

Experience from playing Starbase is recommended.

For more information about how the translation works, check this thread: Guidelines For Community Translations and if you have any questions regarding translations, head over to the Localization sub-forum on here on the forums or to #translation-hub channel on the official Starbase Discord Server

Finally, if you'd be interested in helping translate Starbase to your language, please sign up through this form:
Starbase community translation sign-up

We greatly appreciate it!