Inventory 2.0


Veteran endo
Aug 9, 2019
I heard about different inventory options and truly it would be nice to have a way to transport physical objects - if they are of acceptable voxel volume. A volume-based storage method would be nice, with some tweaks regarding each object's 'crafted' size - such as weapons and ammo, which for example should not just count as their voxel volume.

Anyway, I was just thinking about how great it would be to find a crate on the moon surface, break it open with a pickaxe and see a couple assault rifles and ammo spawn out of the box much like a Fortnite/BR experience; or the ore block itself breaking out of its storage containment. It's possible. Right now it's more efficient to transport ore everywhere and then craft what you need. But having objects on hand is very beneficial. One thing needed before this kind of inventory would be a thing is "loss" of items needs to occur, such as losing weapons and ammo and backback items when you die (keep tools and non-weapon stuff in inventory for a decent balance). In this way, it will be more reasonable to re-equip through pre-made items versus crafting in between respawns.


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May 20, 2020
That's what they are working on, storage is supposed to be at least 90% physical in the final game.
(Meaning no magic spawning/despawing of stuff)
But as it stands now I think the teased Inventory 2.0 is on the backburner... on a another continent... in a different galaxy... in a different universe...
I really don't think we will see an update in that regard for a long time, even so it is highly needed and anticipated.