Is Starbase currently being worked on? YES!


Master endo
Aug 9, 2019
As not everyone uses Discord, some will find there way here to the forums for information, especially official information. Most of the information from the devs (and in general, any game communications these days) is done through Discord. Starbase's Discord server can be found here if you're not joined:

So, is the game being worked on? Recent news from the devs is: YES!


The consolidation of information is that there will be 1 initial big update, followed by more frequent smaller ones, suggesting that Frozenbyte will be committing time and energy into moving the game forward on a regular basis beginning sometime this year. If the update proves successful in bringing people back to the game, it could lead to more updates and more resources (money, dev hours) allocated to the game.

The the update is planned to be at least revealed sometime in Q2 2024, if not pushed out to the live servers. However, I think it would be best to not get too attached to this information, and instead consider that they may announce the update in the beginning of Q2 and release the update sometime in the following few months. Who knows, but here's the details on that:


And what will the update have? There is more info on Discord if you search and read LauriFB's (CEO of Frozenbyte, guy who loves Starbase almost as much as I do, would-have-been leader of the Empire in-game faction) posts, but I found this crumb of information to be the most exciting:


Hopefully the goal is to unlock PvP options where players can fight each other, even if there are bugs or problems overall. I like this, since if we can at least interact with each other and wipe each other off the face of the universe, we'll have fun just like in every other game that offers this gameplay (Rust/Ark/Atlas/Unturned/etc/Palworld eventually).

So if you were wondering and not following things on Discord, there's some official information for you. Enjoy!