Mining drones + auto-discovery with YOLOL

May 22, 2020
I don't have programing background. But I m kind of fast at picking up concepts and logic problems. From my experience toying around with yolol in the alpha Id say that an automated mining drone is possible but not at all efficient. Especially with the somewhat low densety of asteroids. You could program your ship to go to a region of space, pack it with rangefinders, and fly around until stumbling on something to mine. With the low range on rangefinders in combination with low asteroid density this will be very innefficient. Also quite complex to set up i guess.

However not very complex and very useful. Even with my limited knowledge about programing I would probably be able to do it. If you set up a player run mining operation in deep space you could have automated transportships with asteroid avoidance systems transporting the ore to another base, center of operations/producction.