Moon Mining


Well-known endo
Aug 19, 2021
How does anyone think? Is there any point in digging deep on the moons? Will there be more valuable ore at a depth of, say, 4 km? And is it even possible to buy such a distance?


Veteran endo
Aug 11, 2020
FB has said that the rarities change based on depth, from memory said dev said 100m, but that was before moon mining existed anywhere but ely, on the PTU only. I do not remember who said that though, or where. Sorry.

I can say from personal experience testing cargo hauls on kypselis that the ore distribution (% of ore as material 1/2/3 etc) is different as little as 20m down. I found that near the surface naflite was much more common than it was 30+m below the surface, nearly twice as common (for the amount of ore dug, ie 400 stacks at 5m, 35% of it was mat1, while maybe 550 stacks dug at depth 30m had 15% mat1. Sorry I can't give you the exact metrics, only an example, because the numbers are not in front of me)

Point being though, afaik from the depths we can reasonably achieve in the very stuttery digging at deep depths, yes it changes based on depth, in composition at least, possibly also in amount, but I have no data for the latter.