Multipurpose Faction Issue

May 21, 2020
I say multipurpose factions but the solution may help all factions.

The Problem:
When you have a multipurpose faction you will have subgroups in these factions, i.e. Military, Salvage, Ship Builders, Base Builders, etc. First, how can we support the faction management of this? And second, what happens when someone wants to be part of more than one group?

Possible Answer #1:
Maybe make it were we can create subgroups within a faction. Example: Faction A creates three subgroups and determines they are Military, Miners, and Base Builders. The main faction and each of the subgroups can have their own assets, accounts, chat, ranking system, etc. The main faction collects taxes to fund everything. The leadership gets together to determine how they will divide up the funds and maybe they give each of the subgroups a 25% cut and they keep the last 25% cut for a reserve fund. Now each of the subgroups take their funds and purchase assets for their groups. The military goes out and gets a few fighters and a frigate while the Base Builders buy materials and transports to build the factions new starbase. You get the idea.

The second part of this would be that individuals could join more than one subgroup in their faction. Example: Player B decides he wants to join the Military and the Mining group. He does a lot of mining but does participate in many military activity so he achieves a much higher rank as a miner. As such, maybe he is able to take on the Miner's largest mining ship to gather resources but is only able to use the Military's smallest fighter in attacks.

Possible Answer #2:
As each rank will have its own permissions, maybe just allow players to hold multiple ranks/titles within a faction.

I am adding this suggestion because I have never seen it in another game and it would be useful here. I would like to hear other suggestion on this topic though.

Of course in-game voting support for faction leaders for democratic factions, war proclamations, etc. would be nice also.


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Aug 9, 2019
Subgroups are called Companies. And faction mechanism is supposedly in the way that multiple companies make up a faction.

TLDR: It's not done yet and honestly, I'm pretty sure Soosi knows what he's doing. Hopefully.
May 21, 2020
But can you be a member of more than one company? If so that would take care of my issue. But how many games allow you to be part of more than one guild/company?

I am going to use the Safe Our Ships company as an example as they want to be neutral with everyone and just go around rescuing people. Interesting ideal and sounds like fun but what if one of the members want to develop a warship? You can't sell weapons of war and remain neutral.