[NA] Adversary is coming to Starbase [ADV]


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Dec 15, 2020

Adversary is a Hardcore PvP guild with a tight knit group of highly competitive players. Our Guild has grown over the years gaining core members from every MMO we play. This means that every new game we launch we are going to go harder than we ever have before. That means more organization, dedication, and growth than any other game we have played. Adversary will always be striving to beat our own records and having a great time doing it.

Our group is pretty laid back, and we don't have a strict environment outside of pushing competitive content. However, there are basic rules that need to be acknowledged.
- Be respectful to your Guildmates
- Don't hot Mic
- Listen to your shotcallers, ignoring calls WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
- Be Active, unannounced inactivity is a kick
- If you're in Game, you are in Discord. (This does not mean you have to talk. and you may use the muted idle channel)
- Discord Names will need to match in game character names

Adversary has a serious focus on pushing Endgame content, and being the best at it. We understand there are different ways to play the game, and plan to organize the guild in a way to support each playstyle. We want our members to not only be the best, but have fun while achieving that goal.

Q - What is Adversary? | A - We are a hardcore PvP guild focused on clearing competitive content and being the best we can be.
Q - How Old is Adversary? | A - Adversary started in 2015
Q - Who is the GM | A - Tockz
Q - What MMO's has Adversary played? | A - ArcheAge/BDO/Revelations Online/Bless/MS2/Albion/ArcheAgeUnchained/Last Oasis/Atlas - Our Leadership consists of Vet Players with countless hours of MMO experience.
Q - Are there any open Leadership positions in Starbase? | A - Yes! We're looking for Ship Builds, Yolo coders, Infrastructure Designers, Trading Experts and more!

- 18+, we are a mature community
- Discord
- Speak Fluent English
- Voice interview with an Officer in our Discord (You may type to respond)
- A competitive Mindset
- Open to learning

- Discord: https://discord.gg/adversary
- Website: https://adversary.gg
- Discord contact: Tockz#0001
- Diplomacy contact: Iron#6538

See you in game!
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