New Weapon Type: Chain Shot


Master endo
Dec 10, 2019
--- The Basics ---
A projectile that is two balls with a wire strung between them can slice through thin armor and excel at cutting wires. Although there are no sails in Starbase (for the most part), this style of cannon could be an interesting addition to the Starbase arsenal.

--- Purpose ---
Currently almost all of the weapons are highly destructive and not particularly good at destroying wires and pipes. However, if salvage is to be profitable, players might want to risk doing less damage to the ship in hopes of destroying vital pipes and wires that could disable enemy ships. Additionally, apprehension of "criminals" or bounties might be easier if the weapons used are less likely to destroy reactors or punch through to the pilot or crew themselves.

--- Implementation ---
Either this could be just like real chain shot, where two large projectiles are linked with a thin section, or perhaps it is just a long wide projectile. The projectile could rotate about which could cause varying amounts of penetration because of the larger or smaller cross-sectional area. This would be a risk that users of this weapon would have to consider. Also, if the projectile was two large ones bound by a thin long one, perhaps it would be considered three projectiles. This way, after the "chain" is stopped, the two large projectiles could continue on dealing damage for a little bit more.

--- Consequences ---
  • I could foresee smaller craft being able to use these to target bridges and completely disable larger ships if they can put a few of these rounds through weak points in the armor.
  • Micro fighters would be vulnerable to this weapon if it gets hit due to their density of vital components.
  • Players might choose to have multiple weapon types other than this one since it would be ineffective against heavy armor.
  • Hit detection might be difficult for this new oddly shaped projectile.