Notification About Next Patch: Safe Zones for Player Stations, Item Listings on Auction House, Test Flight Mode for Ship Shops


Community Manager
Jul 22, 2020
We have a patch planned that's coming later this week. It will include Safe Zones for player-made stations, item selling on the Auction House, and test flight mode for ships in Ship Shops, among other things. There is also a small update to the Station Foundation Blueprint Projector.

Player-made stations' safe zones are making their way into the game. The safe zone is created when the Station Foundation Unit is completed and it is in effect in the whole station area. They work similarly to the other station safe zones that already exist in-game.

As players are able to own 1 station at a time, they can let go of a station they don't want by resigning ownership. However, resigning the ownership of a station removes its safe zone.

Ownerless stations can be claimed by other players. The safe zone should come back on after the station is claimed, but there is currently a known issue with this which is under investigation.

There is a new version Station Foundation Blueprint Projector coming to the game in this patch. This new version can be picked back up to the inventory. This version replaces the old one in the store, but unfortunately does not automatically replace the ones already bought. These will still have the issue of not being able to pick them back up, but otherwise they work fine. There should be a notice about this on the old Station Foundation Blueprint Projector's tooltip, if you still have one in your inventory. You can approach a Community Manager for a refund for the old Station Foundation Blueprint Projector.

In addition to this, buying and selling are getting some improvements. Auction House is gaining the functionality of listing items as well as ore materials and Ship Shops will have a test flight mode where you can test each ship before you purchase it.

As always, please be patient with us and wait for the patch notes and the patch for more information of its contents.

Closed Alpha disclaimer:
We have entered a development phase where significant changes are coming in every major patch. These may have a big impact on your gameplay and we are sorry about the inconvenience and possible frustration! Through these updates, the game is starting to come together and pieces are falling into place. We hope that this is also visible to all our players and everybody who follows the game. Regardless we will continue to try and notify our Closed Alpha players of the biggest incoming changes the best we can.