Notification About Next Patch: Station Refactoring (Alpha 428)


Jul 15, 2019
In the upcoming Alpha patch 428 (21 April 2021), there are two changes that we wanted to discuss in more detail.

1) Player made Stations are getting refactored, meaning that the technology and code behind them has been rewritten and adapted to a more "final" state. This change should be mostly transparent to players. If you own a station, the station will automatically convert if you are hosting the station. If the process is interrupted, it will pick up where it left off. During the process the station is not fully loaded and modules will appear one by one as they make the transition - once the station has fully loaded, the process has finished and you can log off. Stations without owner do not go through the process automatically and will need developer assistance.

2) Device bolting to stations is being changed in the near future. In this patch the old way is still enabled but bolted devices may have unforeseen consequences.

The Station changes will enable future improvements to stations in a better way than our previous implementation. Stay tuned for future updates!


Veteran endo
May 22, 2020
This is cool. Fingers crossed the conversions go smoothly!

Our station is a somewhat in limbo right now, while we wait for the ability to selectively print items. I'm thinking custom blue-print chips will be the answer to this. Any news on when we can hope to see these in-game?