Notification About Next Patch


Community Manager
Jul 22, 2020
We have a sizeable patch planned for later this week and the servers are expected to need a certain amount of downtime during patching. The patch is estimated to be around 13 GB in size, so you may likely end up with some additional downtime from downloading a patch that size.

This patch will include a new asteroid field, dust ring's proof of concept, as well as big asteroids' proof of concept. These are all still heavily in development, but they're added in for testing and feedback. Hand guns are also completely reconfigured in this patch, so participating in their testing is appreciated.

There is also a fix to Ore Crate Mass that is coming in this patch.
When the crates are filled, the change to the mass should then have more of an impact, which will affect ships. The significance of this fix will depend largely on the ship and its build.

The effects have been tested by QA on the ships that seemed most at risk and the fix to Ore Crate Mass seems to break at least these ships (to a varying degree):
* Marmot-72 Freighter
* Rockhopper
* Moneymaker
* Brokkr
* Starbream

Note that the adjustments required will depend on the ship.
While planning your adjustments and tweaks, it is worth noting that while currently more beams used means a more durable build (favoring a bunch of small beams), this will be changing in future builds.

We apologize for the inconvenience!