Ore Filters & Dispensers


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Dec 10, 2019
Basic Idea:
A device that can sort ores and send particular ones to an inventory (ore crate) and a device that can dispense the ore in its inventory out into the world.

When mining with lasers, it is difficult to discriminate which materials are zapped and collected, filling up ore crates with unwanted rock or ice. Additionally, the only way for ship inventories to be accessed is through a mining backpack and resource bridge.

Ore Filter

This device connects via pipe to an ore crate network and pulls ores from it that the user has defined and puts them into another ore crate network that it connects to on the other side. The sorting could be either be blacklist or white list and formatted via a configuration string.

The dispenser device has a single inventory slot and can put whatever is in that slot outside into the world. It can be set to do this continuously or once per activation. The ore leaves with a small velocity to push it away from the ship.

Discussion of Effects:
This should allow for quicker mining as the combination of these devices could be configured to throw away rock and ice. No longer would miners have to periodically stop to get out and chuck all the waste materials overboard.

These devices also could be used for vending machines or simply accessing ores inside a ship without the need of a mining backpack. I suspect that players could come up with some novel uses for these two devices.
Mar 19, 2021
Great idea! And SE fans will appreciate it.
Improvement: Intake filter. Forbids the ore-consuming block to suck in ores, unwanted by the player. Why poop with bad ores if you can just not let them in?
Dream: create a way to accelerate the waste ore chunks to 1200-1500 m/s and bring doom to the enemy!


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Aug 9, 2019
I kinda like the idea yeah, being able to change it with YOLOL perhaps so you can like choose what you want? (and perhaps automate it with the scanner)