Outpost Assault - Event Guide


Aug 9, 2019
Outpost Assault Event Guide


Pirate Outpost is located between Empire Outpost C and Pirate Base, approximately the same distance from both.

- This is the station where the main fighting will take place, where the defenders are trying to keep Bob captive
- Bob is being held inside invulnerable glass inside (So he doesn't get shot in the midst of the firefight) in the Command Center building



Defenders: Defend the Pirate Outpost Station and keep Bob captive for 2 hours, kill him if he attempts to escape
Attackers: Attack the Pirate Outpost Station and extract Bob alive to Empire Outpost B or C within 2h


- There are no respawn points at Pirate Outpost!
- Defenders can respawn at Pirate Base or Reconstruction machines
- Attackers can respawn at Empire Outpost B or C or Reconstruction machines

Bob's Cage:

- Bob will be imprisoned inside a cage of invulnerable glass, and we'll use admin controls to warp him out when:

1) Rescue team (Attackers) have been in close visible range for 30 seconds
2) Rescue team (Attackers) are in close visible range and there are no defenders visible

Once Bob is out:

- The objective for the Defenders is to kill him and stop his escape
- The objective for the Attackers is to rescue him and transport him to Empire Outpost B or C
- If Bob dies, he will be returned to the glass cage and rescue attempts continue until the event time runs out
- Bob starts unarmed, but if the rescuing team brings him a gun and ammo, he can use those


- Everyone who participates in the event should be well prepared with ships at their desired spawn locations. Since none of the outposts or Pirate base have Ship Shops, you have to fly those ships from Origin and despawn them at either Pirate Base, Empire Outpost B or Empire Outpost C. Do this in ADVANCE, so you don't have to fly ships from Origin through the warpgate to get back to the fight.

- Vouchers will be handed out already today/tomorrow so you'll have a couple days to transport your ship shop ships. We'll continue with vouchers until the event start too, but request them as early as possible please.

- Empire Outpost C, Empire Outpost B and Pirate Base have SSC buildings, so blueprint ships can be spawned there and don't require such big prep time.

- The Defending team can start to build some defenses at the Pirate Outpost 5 hours before the event start time (Defensive building can start at 15:00 UTC on Saturday Feb 27th, event starts at 20:00 UTC).

- Get your reconstruction machines stocked up and ready to go.

General Rules:

- No spawncamping respawning players at Pirate Base (Empire outposts are in Safezone, so they can't be spanwcamped)
- Intercepting missions are allowed to Pirate Base, but they must stay at 5km distance
- Impersonating the other team is strictly forbidden

Hope to see as many of you folks there as possible :)

Voucher form: https://forms.gle/dszAqA4sMnVRTTgF9