Planetary (moon) landings


Veteran endo
Aug 9, 2019
This thread is for discussing the reality and feasibility of landing on gravity bound objects.

There have been rumours and suggestions revolving around the possibility of a "Major Event" later on in EA or full launch such as the addition of a moon that would require an expedition to reach.
I have personally been thinking about this event as being one of the folks who would pioneer such an expedition.
I have realized that (as most would) such an excursion would likely take a deal of planning and calculation to carry out.
Such as:
- Fuel preparations for the long flight as one major logistics concern
- Environmental hazards, such as nebulae and the like that would require careful design controls for your ship due to nowhere to rebuild your ship or "repair/overhaul"
- other "friendly" competition that might thwart your 20 day excursion

But more importantly, I have rather humourously surmised at the thought of a hundred or so Endo's (players) spending 20 days of flight time, suddenly crumble as their ships built for the vacuum of space, split apart and fall to the moons surface due to gravitational pull and possibly - an atmosphere of sorts.

This is where I guess the devs mention this event at a later date as to give time to implement the controls as well as physics to render such a task achievable.

Anyways, this is my " Further Geekings of Starbase Technology" and am just wondering what all your ideas, thoughts, opinions, and predictions are.
Sep 25, 2019
They wouldn't crumple in space, they'd just accelerate toward the planet faster and promptly smash into it (or, crumple upon activating landing thrusters, assuming the thrusters could provide enough acceleration to crumple the ship). Though, if they flew into atmosphere then they could crumple if the pressure was too great (and in fact, would fall slower to the surface due to the dense atmosphere, as well as heat up a lot very quickly).

As for objects with a gravitational pull, it would be fun to bring along a rover. If the gravity is low enough, you could (theoretically) achieve escape velocity in your rover and get stuck in orbit (not sure as to the practicality since the friction the tires experience would also be a lot lower, so would lose traction easily).