Ship Submission Instructions


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Sep 6, 2019

Ship Submission Instructions

We are adding player-made ships to be sold on the ship shops. The submissions are done in-game via a form that you can access via F1.

If you have a new ship design you've made or updated a previously submitted ship that you’d like to submit for evaluation, here’s instructions how to do it:

Check that you have the following information ready for the in-game form:
  1. Are you submitting a new ship or an update to an already submitted one?
  2. Blueprint name
  3. The save timestamp
  4. Ship's name
  5. Ship's Designer(s)
  6. Link to a picture/screenshot of your ship
  7. Build details (thrusters, fuel, propellant, etc.)
  8. Additional information (this is optional, e.g. if you'd wish your ship to go to some existing company ship shop)
  9. If it’s okay to use your ship for other purposes (for example in demolition and repair jobs)
  10. Contact person's Discord tag

Submit your ship in game by opening the F1 Feedback and Bug report window, selecting "Ship Submission" and answering in all required fields as instructed.

Note that the evaluation process may take some time, and not all submits will automatically be chosen. We'll reserve the right to choose the ships according to our needs and standards.

Remember that you cannot edit the form after it's submitted so be sure to check that you have all the information you need before sending.

We continue to look forward to all your cool designs!

Kane Hart

Veteran endo
Aug 9, 2019
This is great, but I really hope sooner than later that players can sell their ship instead of having to keep going this method. That being said we can always use with starting ships at Origins so it does help.
Aug 7, 2021
Is this a one time thing, or is it like from now on we can apply to have it showcased in a ship shop?
Will the designer see any in game monetary profit for this?


Aug 23, 2021
After submission of a new ship blueprint, how will we know if the ship's been added to the ship store? Will we get a message from FrozenByte (Either on Discord or in-game) letting us know that the submission has been accepted?
Furthermore, will the players be able to add a description for the ships at the ship store (Explaining features, adding some flavor to the design, etc.)?
- Glug
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