Ship Vouchers - what they are and how to request them + RULES!

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Jul 15, 2019
Ship Vouchers are an admin tool for Frozenbyte developers to give ships to players in an easy way. This helps us organize large scale events such as combat events.

Vouchers are only given out for events or for other ingame purposes such as refunds for lost ships (due to game bugs etc).

Vouchers were introduced in Alpha build 335 and hotfixed in Alpha build 336 (to fix a known issue of custom ships with complicated components/materials not being redeemable).

  • You are free to use event voucher ships for PvP testing, flying around, cargo hauling, mining etc. all kinds of normal gameplay activities, even if it occurs outside the event times
  • You may not use the ship vouchers to sell them for instant credits, crashing the economy or other similar exploits
To clarify, vouchers are NOT allowed to be used for money exploits (getting a voucher and selling the ship to get credits). If you are not taking part in an event, you may NOT request vouchers at all through the event voucher submission form. Any market manipulation by using vouchers received fraudulently will be bannable offenses in Closed Alpha. In other words, don't ruin the game for others. If you have something out of the ordinary in mind for testing purposes, please first talk to us on Discord and ask permission (Kai or Joel or CMs).

Prior to events starting, we will post a Google Forms link on the Discord (check #alpha-announcements), where you can request vouchers for your ships. It's best to request the vouchers and then go and purchase the ships with the vouchers, and store them at the station where the event takes place or nearby. This helps ensure that there's no additional problems with purchasing the ships during the event!

Event vouchers in a nutshell
* Custom ships and Ship Shop ships are both eligible for vouchers
* Please only request one voucher per ship type (we'll give more anyway)

* We typically give 10-20 vouchers per event (if you want different ships, you can do multiple Google Forms submissions with the
* After receiving your voucher, we recommend you go to the event station and buy your ship there (and perhaps store it in the station inventory)

General info & how to check
A voucher will show up in the Bank Statement info when received. You can go to the Inventory and check the CV tab, and then Bank Statement. The voucher should show up as a "ShipVoucherReceived" entry.

How it works - custom blueprint ship
1) Save an existing blueprint again in Alpha build 336 (Jan 22)
1b) We may request that you name the blueprint with an "event name", for example "MM_01_shipnamehere" to make it faster to deliver the ships on the admin side
2) Developer gives a "voucher" for that specific ship
3) Go to Ship Designer and buy the specified ship there (see known issues for note on missiles and torpedoes)

How it works - Ship Shop ship
1) Player decides which Ship Shop ship they want
2) Developer gives a voucher for that specific ship
3) Player can go to the Ship Shop where the specified ship is for sale, and buy it for free (it will say "Free with voucher" above the Buy button instead of the credits amount)

Known Issues
1) If you receive a voucher and then make ANY modifications and resave the blueprint, the voucher will not work. The vouchers work only for the specific version for which they were given.

Questions & Answers
Q: Can I get a "free any ship" voucher?
A: No, the vouchers work only for specific ships (blueprint or Ship Shop ships)

Q: What ships do you recommend for combat events?
A: There's plenty of combat oriented ships in the Ship Shops. You can find a list of ships in the Wiki. If you're in a pinch here's a few suggestions from RANDO shops: Estoc, Kushtaka, Hedgehog, Wing II, Inanis Venari, Akimbo, Shuna, Manticore. For a gunship with crew options, Taniwha is an option. Many of the faction Ship Shops have their own special ships as well.

Additional materials
Guide to Robur Station (for many PvP events):
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