Since Build Mode is coming for Capital Ships...

Sep 4, 2021
...I would like to make a request that is probably more on the unusual side:
I want to see the developers as well as every other responsible person at FB or affiliates to build a fully fleshed out (and somewhat aesthetic) capital ship of at least medium size (minimum volume: 500mx30mx30m) from scratch with Build Mode before Capital Ships go live.
Also, I want them to livestream the whole process. This can be divided into a set of streaming sessions if necessary.
I personally have no idea how I am supposed to accomplish that, neither alone or in a group, and thus am very interested in observing the experts do it beforehand.
Also, we are expected to work with this system in the game so it is not too unreasonable to first demand a showcase from its creators.

Well, that's all.
Have a nice day!