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Aug 9, 2019
An anonymous source has told me that guild/alliance/crew (I'm gonna use "guild") systems may not have been designed yet. Guilds (or whatever you choose to call them) need to exist. At the very least: guild chat, guild name below player name, and a color that designates friendly guildie vs everyone else [blue or green are great(green is easier to see)]. Stretch goal: permissions.

From several videos, it looks as though there will be some parts of stations that have semblance to social hubs. Will there exist any that are not player controlled?

It's important to have a wide scale in-game support of social channels. For instance in WoW, here are a few chat channels that exist LFG (Looking for Group), General (connecting faction cities), Local (zone specific), Guild, Party, Raid, and Trade. Note that you will only receive messages in these channels from players in the same faction as you (in case anyone isn't familiar with WoW); all players can see /say, though some rules apply, but I'll keep this simple.

If there is a Dev checking this, many others and I would love to hear about social tools that will exist.

What chat options will be available? Different text channels? Voice, if so what proximity can we expect?

Even if you're not a Dev, I'd love to hear what some of you are expecting or wish to see social tool wise.
I like this post. They removed the like button so I am just going to put it out there that I like this post heckin fight me. Also very nicely made point vloshko glad to see the practice in WA reddit wasn't for nothing.


Aug 9, 2019
(There will be local chat?)
local yes, can't remember the radius though. would guess 5000 meters.

(asking if transmitters were for making global chats between guild)
chat is different, there's group and guild chats which are for the group where ever they are

I'm struggling to find the exact quote I remember from the second one, but those group/guild chats are global. So there aren't 2 text chats, but rather 2 kinds of chat, local and faction, with a chat for each faction you're in, when/if the game supports multiple factions.