Starbase on Google Stadia

Aug 9, 2019
Are you considering to bring Starbase onto Google's Stadia platform?

Since you currently have no intention to support GNU/Linux natively [1], this might be the next best solution for me.

(The search function did not return any existing threads for "Stadia" or "Google Stadia" and I could not find any relevant information in the FAQ.)

There was a more detailed post by one of your developers regarding this topic, but I can't find it anymore, neither on the steam forum nor on this forum.
Aug 10, 2019
Beyond your needs, the question of stadia and cloud gaming is interesting.

Technically it is much safer than steam, impossible to hack or cheat, one of the most critical aspect of starbase.
Standardized hardware that facilitate the development.
Two big advantages.

If starbase technology works well and they quickly get into cloud then they could even sell middleware to other companies. :unsure: