Starbase Origin Story [Fanfic]


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Sep 26, 2019
For Trillions of years, the Universe was devoid of intelligent beings.

In the beginning, the Universe was empty, save for particles of matter randomly floating around.

These particles collided with each other, sometimes forming structures. They were slowly building up to be bigger and bigger. Most of them became asteroids, planets, moons. Some of them became stars. Very few were shaping up to be more complex structures.

One, a metal plate. Another a piece of wire. There was an occasional logical circuit and power generator. Most of them were just tiny pieces, incomplete, merely hinting at the possibility of what they could become. But they were tainted, they became contaminated. The Universe remained empty. Millions then Billions of years passed by, a tiny hint at something, then it got contaminated. Once every couple billion years, there was an occasional structure representing something even more complex, a hint of hope: An finger, a hand, a knee. But these, too, became contaminated.

So the Universe remained empty. The Universe waited, for it was patient.

Then, after a few dozen billion years, something started forming: A torso, then an arm, then a leg, then, when the other leg would have drifted close by for a chance to integrate into the torso, the Star it orbited went Supernova, and destroyed all this progress.

Still, the Universe waited, for it was patient.

Billions, tens of billions, then hundreds of billions of years have elapsed. Small parts have formed then got destroyed. Larger parts have formed less often, but then those, too, got destroyed. Then, in an instant, as if mocking everything that was before him, Bob was formed. He just became. Bob not only formed, but also formed with tools in his hands. And if that was not enough Bob was formed in an asteroid field right with all kinds of materials, a Gas giant to keep everything in place, and a sun to keep everything warm enough.

Bob would then go on to carve himself a shelter in a nearby asteroid. Bob did not even think of wanting to eat or recharge, and luckily for Bob, it turned out he did not need any of that. So Bob has started to make himself a home among the asteroids.

But bob was lonely. Bob reasoned that since he does not remember how he came to be, and there isn't any evidence of someone dropping him off, he must have just became to be. So Bob waited. And so did the Universe, for it was patient.

But Bob was not patient.

Bob, thus has set out to create someone for company if his company would not just come to be. He built many prototypes over so many years Bob can not even remember. First he tried bringing chunks of asteroids close together to help the Universe create company for him. Bob scoured the entire asteroid belt for materials. For much of his surprise, Bob found many different materials. He experimented with each and every single one of them. He pored them in different quantities together, he molded them to different shapes, all to no avail. He heated them, he cooled them, he squeezed them, and he stretched them. He figured out how to make batteries, explosives, solar panels, all sorts of useful devices, yet he was unsuccessful at making company for himself.

Bob started building himself a bigger home, so he could run more experiments at the same time. Bob reasoned that would help him achieve his goal faster. He broke the asteroids near him into small pieces. The he built a machine that would heat them so those chunks would be easier to work with. Then he formed plates and beams out of those chunks, and used a tool he formed with to connect them together. The tool would connect different parts together by using a long, thin piece of metal, which had a head that was wider than the rest of it. Bob was fascinated with how such a simple piece of metal could have so much resemblance to him. Bob named these tiny pieces of metal bolts. As Bob has been building his base, Bob found he was no longer bored.

As Bob has continued to build his base and run his experiments, he used up more and more asteroids. One day, Bob noted that he was spending a lot of time actually finding and bringing materials home. Bob needed some way to quickly get to asteroids and back. And thus he set out to conduct a whole new set of experiments. Bob has built thrusters, computers to control those thrusters, fuel tanks, and reactors to power those thrusters. Bob has then bolted them together, and set out to gather more asteroids. But the thrusters were so powerful that his little ship has disintegrated the moment he increased the throttle.

Bob then set out to find a material that is strong enough, and build a frame out of that to take the immense power of he thrusters. After he succeeded, Bob could finally go to collect materials much quicker than before. Bob also made crates that would hold the materials he mined, so he could bring back more asteroid chunks. Bob then bolted these crates to his ship. Bob was fascinated by how much these simple pieces of metal could do. Without these bolts, He would not be able to build anything. Without them, he would not be able to work on creating himself company.

Then one Day, after countless experiments and so many years that Bob can not remember, Bob was close. "It's just like me" Bob remarked to himself as he placed in the final piece. It came to life. Bob was really excited. It stood up, straightened, and faced Bob. Bob said:
"Hi, my name is Bob. What is yours?"
"My... Name? I... don't know"
"Well, then" said an excited Bob "you shall be called Bolt!"
"What?" Bob was bewildered
"My name is Dr Bolt."


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Sep 26, 2019
Thanks! This is the first time I wrote anything like this

If I am ever going to write similar stuff, then I am going to have to invest more effort, this is little more than a lighthearted discord comment that grew too big. Glad you liked it, though!