Starbase Progress Notes: Week 11 (2021)


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Sep 6, 2019
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 11 (2021)
March 15th - 19th

Hello everyone. Here are the progress notes of week 11 of 2021!

Please note that the "Progress Notes" are different from the Starbase Alpha "Patch Notes". Progress Notes are snippets from the development team and what has been worked on during the previous week, and many of the features might not be present in the current or upcoming builds of the Closed Alpha. Some features, especially in the design portion, can be subject to change as the development continues


  • Ship Diagnostic Scanner has been finished and added to shops and Ship Designer
  • Salvage Collector asset design has been finished
  • Connector plug and resource plug components have been created and configured for Large Generator assets and tested
  • Work on Easy Build Mode continues
  • New armor mechanics for penetration depth based on material density have been tested
User Interface
  • New social tab for mission groups has been designed, can be split into units if needed
  • Auction House introduction and additional tutorial choices has been worked on
  • Naming policy for ships, chips and companies has been worked on
Stations and Cities
  • Floating holograms have been removed from the Moon city
  • Old windows have been replaced with the new ones in Lot designer's Small, Large and Hallway -modules
    • Medium halls and the rest of the buildings are in progress
  • Pincer has been updated: second generator unit has been added
  • Vasama purchasing terminal removed from Marketplace.
  • The following ships have been removed from Duratech ship shop:
    • LYNGBAKER A, Beli DTX-BEL8-A, Sinthgut DTX-SGT5-A, Heptifili A DTX-HEP1-A
  • Ships moved to Chemosh ship shop from Rando 3:
    • Chemosh Badger-28, Chemosh Ark I
  • Rando shipshop changes:
    • MLS-8-252 "Truzhenik" added to Rando 3
    • Gourami removed from Rando 3
    • Marlin removed from Rando 2
    • Hype Van, Hype Van Autocannon Blue and Hype Van Autocannon Red removed from Rando 1


  • Resource consumption order issues have been fixed
  • Quick melee environmental hit detection while aboard a moving ship has been fixed
  • The tech behind Cargo Lock Beams and Cargo Frames has been refactored, improving multiplayer functionality
  • Thruster consumption improvements (affecting especially Plasma Thrusters)
  • The very base gameplay for tripod weapons has been finished and bug fixing and adding remaining functionality has started
  • Work with chain explosions has been finished
User Interface
  • Work on adding company bank accounts has continued
  • Work on the mail system has continued
  • First version of Mission overview page has been finished
In-game Designers
  • Snapping issues with certain beam combinations not snapping together in SSC have been fixed


Animations and Emotes
  • Work on improving midair animations continues
  • New transition animations when entering/exiting prone are under work
Stations and Cities
  • Hallway modules' connecting sides have been visually updated
  • Trinity armorset textures and paintjobs have been updated
  • Visual and performance updates have been made to Fast Travel Gate travel VFX
  • Maneuver Thruster: Some of the stability and performance issues have been addressed and some minor visual updates have been made



As always, feel free to ask any questions regarding these progress notes!
And if you haven't yet, go add Starbase to your Steam wishlist!


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Aug 9, 2019
HYPE! Ship Diagnostic Scanner will be a great addition and new armour mechanics are incoming!
cargo lock refactor is complete too, very very nice!

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Aug 9, 2019
less and less notes every week
mostly due to less low hanging fruit in terms of content and a lot of bug fixing.Bigger things seem to come with the content drops however as well as a few features being locked behind other content that needs to be finished.
so while it doesn't make for good reading, progress is still progress :)


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May 22, 2020
"The tech behind Cargo Lock Beams and Cargo Frames has been refactored, improving multiplayer functionality"
All changes that improve multiplayer functionality get a double thumbs up from me! (y):cool:(y)


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Mar 20, 2020
"New armor mechanics for penetration depth based on material density have been tested"

Now THIS makes me hyped! Soon enough we'll be having onversations about how happy we are that we chose thick armour, since the incoming bullet was stopped only a few centimeters from the ships core.