Starbase Progress Notes: Week 12 (2020)

Mar 9, 2020
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 12 (2020)
March 16th - 20th

Hello everyone, it is time for development notes once again.


  • Instancing area configured and added to ship showroom
  • Mining Job instancing issues with parent hierarchy fixed
  • Buzzsaw damage configured and tested, tool is now more balanced
  • Pickaxe testing and adjusting, it's no longer a good weapon against materials with high armor value
  • Mining Hall rotation fixed in Work Hub grid slot
  • Ore zone weight configurations that were producing unwanted outcomes in ore distribution were fixed
  • New items added to economy, old economy configurations fixed and adjusted and locales worked on for economy
  • New updated design worked on for Universal tool: incorporating device network operator systems and evaluating potential commonalities with transponder visuals
  • Hinge bolt profiles updated
  • All Spaceship Design Workshops have been updated, Workspaces rotated, relocated and their amounts raised from 6 to 8, LOD update still pending
  • "Large Hall 6" added to Station Designer. Thumbnail, windows and exterior decoration still pending
  • The "destroyed" grid slots have been added to the Kingdom Outpost B -station
  • Gunship Lancer: older hinge replaced with newer model
  • Spaceship Kodiak: older hinge replaced with newer model
Spaceship Designer
  • Asset names and locales updated


  • Massive lot blueprint memory usage has been fixed
  • Reloadable tools and ammo conversion have been tweaked
  • Beam effect support and network sync have been added for the Welding Tool
  • Welding Tool now highlights objects that can be welded and its timer visualizations are finished
User Interface
  • A bug that caused dragged items to stretch has been fixed
  • Icons and ammunition amounts being in wrong place for right hand and leg have been fixed
  • Slot rendering to handle special cases in backpack has been refactored
  • A bug that allowed modular limbs to overlap with other items in the backpack has been fixed
  • Material UI slot rendering code has been refactored
  • Mining backpack slots' hovering problems have been fixed
  • Snapping to closest possible bolt profile location, when within BoltToolComponent defined area has been implemented
  • Bolt profile visualizations have been adjusted so that snapping target is visible
  • Feedback Tool's sidebar menu has been finished and localizations are underway
  • Sound issues when releasing buttons inside inventory have been fixed
  • A damage audio event for 'armor damage' has been added
  • Audio support has been added to sorter buttons, 3D menu tabs and lists
  • The most of the list item interaction sounds have been finished
  • Insurance menu tab buttons for proper audio support refactoring underway
Spaceship Designer
  • Saving a blueprint when editing custom ship no longer disables changes to the in-game ship
  • Selecting modules no longer selects components behind them in Spaceship Designer
  • Rotational stability of object chains in Spaceship Designer has been improved
  • Weapon down scoping heavily dropping FPS on planet surfaces has been fixed
  • Double buffering has been added for skyboxes
  • Applying environmental damage on the planet is in the making


  • Final fixes to VIS decal bleed have been made
  • VIS HQ empire grid slot's additional art has been added
  • Assembly Hall LODs have been finished, some LOD updates made to modules
  • Asteroid Hall farLODs have been finished and tintmask coloured
  • New windows have been added to mega stations
  • FarLODs have been added for all shop modules
  • An UV mirroring issue with Market Station has been fixed
  • Commercial signs for Sunny Ship Center are underway: perspective fixes, final touches and optimizations made
  • More animations have been added to Market Station, an animation for sell shop is in the making
  • 'Offers ad' rotation direction has been fixed
  • Pickaxe relaxed run/walk animations have been polished
  • Pilot aim and pistol aim animations have been polished
  • Sit aim animation updates are in the making
  • Bastion armor set's elbow position has been fixed
  • Bulwark armor set's textures and pain-jobs polished
  • Object (rock) placements for asteroids updated and new asteroid clusters have been finished
  • Modular battery redesign in the making that includes a status bar indicator
  • New job instance effects have been added
  • Weapon flat logos are in the making
  • New logos for laser and auto-cannon turrets have been made
  • Buzzsaw hit effect has been updated


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As always, feel free to ask any questions regarding these progress notes!
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Da sehe ich mich Noice
Jan 15, 2020
You guys should make a video that's like a fashion show that shows off a bunch of robot armor and allows us to see some of the animations and cool armor types that currently exist in the game, you could make it essentially just tons of different versions or bob, it could be pretty funny tbh.
Dec 10, 2019
It's nice to see those animated hologram signs in their natural environment, instead of floating around in space like in past progress updates.
Feb 25, 2020
Uh... Is that saw's blade supposed to be rotating? If so, it seems that the sparks are going the wrong way.

A demo saw like that would have a blade that rotated top to front to bottom, so that if cutting a vertical object, the rotation of the blade would help support the weight of the saw, and if cutting downwards on an object in front of the user, it would kick away rather than towards the user.

So, sparks are emitted at a tangent to the edge of the blade, in the direction of rotation. Most sparks are emitted at the point of contact with the job, but some are emitted further around the blade. Sparks are *not* emitted normal to the blade.