Starbase Progress Notes: Week 13 (2020)


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Sep 6, 2019
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 13 (2020)
March 23rd - 27th

Hello everyone! It's a start of a new week, and time for more Starbase development notes.


  • Assembly Job tested, Bolt Profile snapping feature made the bolting really easy
  • Assembly Job tested, item blocker entities added on each doorway so objects cannot be thrown through the doorways
  • Buzzsaw power usage configured to 10/sec, which equals to 100 seconds of continuous sawing with one power pack
  • Bolt Tool and the bolt profile override feature tested, works without issues
  • Chat features worked on, default settings adjusted
  • Insurance terminals' location and parenting fixed in origin map
  • Mining Job tested in the new Work Hub, working without issues
  • Empire VIS HQ -grid slot has been updated: structures inside the slot have been relocated and rotated to enable a better view of the Capital
  • Mining Job grid slot has been replaced with the Work Hub grid slot
Spaceship Designer
  • Locales fixed and updated
  • Economy design worked on
  • Socket position changed in battery asset, cabling adjusted in ships with battery to fit this change
  • Locales added for objects and resources
  • New armor sets added to starting mega station economy
  • A moon rocket worked on, flights to the moon tested


  • Rental lot blueprint unloading has been improved
  • An issue where non-loaded rental lots crashed the editor on stopping the game has been fixed
  • Blueprints appearing inside already built objects has been fixed
  • When the client stops operating a ship in a despawn area, the ship now immediately despawns
  • Sitting issue with cradle mounted chairs has been fixed
  • SawTool sound effects have been implemented and bugs surrounding it have been fixed
  • Welding Tool beam effect has been refactored
  • Restriction added to detaching to station lots that the player has access to, so players can't detach whatever parts they want
  • The detachment network synchronization has been finished, the Welding Tool is now ready for testing
User Interface
  • An issue where ore processing made only one processed entry at a time has been fixed
  • Picking up magazines now moves ammo
  • An issue has been fixed where items disappeared from the sell list when the player sold 0 amount of the item
  • Position of the damaged item indicator has been fixed
  • Containers not filling up correctly when picking up ores fixed
  • Swapping and merging ores in the mining backpack works now as well as dragging between the bank tab and the mining slots
  • Snapping to closest possible bolt profile location, when within BoltToolComponent defined area has been implemented
  • Feedback Tool has been updated and the tool's data management has been refactored
  • Missing sort button sounds have been added
  • Item shop transaction button sounds and item sell menu button sounds have been added
Spaceship Designer
  • 'Continuous placement' option has been added for asset placement. Enabling this option allows the user to keep placing the asset until cancelled
  • A bug that allowed entering the test mode while undo actions were still being execute has been fixed
  • A Blueprint type metadata has been added to blueprints. This value can be used to filter blueprints, for example to display only ship or station blueprints
  • Some of Spaceship Designer's network messages unintentionally leaking to peers not inside the Spaceship Designer session has been fixed
  • A basic paint tool with point and click colouring has been added. The tool supports undoing and redoing
  • A client timeout when attempting to join a hosted session with a large map has been fixed
  • Save selection as blueprint functionality has been fixed
  • Moon terrain rock collisions have been optimized
  • Planet hit detection for projectiles has been implemented
  • Skybox stretching during baking caused by direction blending has been fixed


  • New signs for the frame shop at back alley are underway
  • Frame shop ad adjustments are in the making
  • Job instance effects for station use: proper UV's to the basic shapes so that UV scrolling can be used with them added as well as building blocks that can be used in the making of ads
  • Prospector shop module exterior decoration has been finalized
  • Station hall LODs have been updated
  • UV scroll support added to the flat font used in ads and signs
  • New windows added to station halls
  • Landing platform lighting in the making
  • LODs updated in ship repair maps
  • New animations and polishes to ads have been made
  • Pistol run animations have been polished
  • Sitting reload animation has been polished
  • An animation for the sell shop has been updated
  • New asteroid clusters have been made
  • Bulwark armoset's textures and paintjobs have been polished
  • Modular Battery's socket location has been fixed
  • More weapon flat logos have been added to the game
  • Effects and beam types have been added to Welding Tool's attach/detach mode
  • New beam end models which could replace the particle effects have been tested
  • Dashed line effects have been made for ad use
  • Some armor set piece configs that did not allow the pieces to be dropped to the game world have been fixed


Week13_Starbase_armorsets_bulwark_polish.jpg Week13_Starbase_asteroid_cluster.jpg Week13_Starbase_landing_platform_test_lighting_upper_view_landing_lounge.jpg Week13_Starbase_market_station_ad_effects.jpg Week13_Starbase_market_station_ad_effects_dashed_lines.jpg Week13_Starbase_new_sign_base_preview.jpg


As always, feel free to ask any questions regarding these progress notes!
And if you haven't yet, go add Starbase to your Steam wishlist!
Mar 4, 2020
Some of Spaceship Designer's network messages unintentionally leaking to peers not inside the Spaceship Designer session has been fixed
So they are already trying to thwart hackers. Very nice


Master endo
Aug 9, 2019
Where it says polished and old on the armor, are those going to be choices a player can go with in the form of fashion and style? like older beat up metal armor vs people wanting to look newer and spoofy with polished armor. or are those renders of old look vs a newer polished look in general?
Aug 9, 2019
Those pictures of asteroid clusters remind me of asteroids in Space Engineers which impressed me with dangerous micro-sized voxel that you can barely see and may accidentally run into. But with moveable astroids in Starbase I will not have to worry about those kinds of things break my ship from inside anymore (at least while flying at a low speed lol).
And I'm pretty curious, what is the "Frame shop"? What kind of items does it sell or what kind of service does it provide?
And for the "Rocket to the moon", is it a part of a rocket you planning to launch from a station to moon for a test?
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