Starbase Progress Notes: Week 14 (2020)


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Dec 10, 2019
Thrust is now reduced when the ship structure blocks thruster exhaust
Does this mean that thrusters must be outside, or at least have a hole out the back of the ship, to function? In Space Engineers, players would often abuse the lack of any check of this sort to place thrusters completly enclosed within their ships. I hope that this thrust reduction will prevent, or at least dis-incentivize, that kind of behavior.


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Aug 9, 2019
could you guys please elaborate on this for me a bit, either its going over my head or i might be overthinking it.
Preventing players and their items entering station lots they do not own is in the making
for me i dont know exactly what this pertains to in the sense of mega station(safe zones) player owned space stations(non-safe zones). If it is player built, is it the doorway that stops us and we can blow a hole in the wall and enter? or is it for stations in safe zones to stop players from just walking in while their offline? Cause if it is for player built stations that is gonna kinda suck on raid nights when we cant enter the lots of other player built stations.

also if it is for safe zone stations, can we have an option to turn it off so that friends and guildies can still congregate and hangout, or even the passerby so if its a shop they may come back to do business when your online? or is this feature more for your personal living quarters and not your shop?

EDIT: also since the code is still being made, what about a banlist added to the code. In safe zones shop owners are going to have to deal with troll players looking to harass and cause as much annoyance and irritation they can muster in the safe zone. Specially with popular shops with a descent amount of consumers in and out, be nice the lot owner could add a name to the banlist to keep people out of their shop while others can go on in if said player cant follow the shop rules. Be very effective to also keep rival companies out of your hair as well in the safe zones.
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Feb 18, 2020
Wait... not even closed alpha? That means Early Access is still several months away?

Well k, Star Citizen 2.