Starbase Progress Notes: Week 15 (2020)


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Sep 6, 2019
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 15 (2020)
April 6th - 9th

Hello everyone! Since we had a extended weekend over here, last week's progress notes are posted today instead of the usual Monday. Sorry for the wait, here they are!


  • Color palette updated for in-game chat, old colors replaced with new colors that are easier to read
  • Chat colors for leaders in Group and Team chats set to follow same logic as in Company officer chat
  • Faction functions and chat needs design worked on for separate faction and faction officer channels
  • Option to show channel names (long or short) and timestamps (long or short) added
  • Buzzsaw tested, issues detected in the 3rd-person view passed on to be fixed
  • Jobs in Work Hub tested and a configure issue fixed in Assembly Job: now spawned components are despawned when carried outside the hall
  • New mining ship being build
  • The positions of plates changed in Spatha variants to fix an issue where the ship was not flying straight


  • An initial implementation for recovering ships that were not properly despawned has been added
  • Small fixes in player animation activation and scrap detection/deletion have been made
  • A feedback system for component-specific voxel volume changes has been implemented
  • Buzzsaw only consumes ammo when actually cutting stuff now
  • Buzzsaw's distance calculation has been improved and audio issues have been fixed
  • Welding Tool now only consumes ammo when welding things
User Interface
  • Issues with item shop amount validation and button styles have been fixed
  • A maximum amount added when buying to station storage
  • Syncing has been added for crates so that other players can see the changes made to the slots correctly
  • A locking system has been added for crates when the slots are being dragged so other players can't intervene
  • Implementation of the feedback server is underway
  • Menu entry button sound support has been added
  • Some of the tool button styles with audio support have been added to Spaceship Designer
  • Spaceship Designer window sounds have been plugged in
Spaceship Designer
  • The individual components of multi-component entities can no longer be selected, instead both components are automatically selected, this prevents the user from accidentally separating the components from each other
  • The budget window can now estimate and show the modification price of a ship being edited in the Spaceship Designer
  • A system has been added for preventing the duplication and creation of unallowed objects in the ship creator
  • A bug that allowed the Spaceship Designer UI to stay open when being kicked or banned has been fixed


  • Buzzsaw's 1st-person reload animation has been finished
  • Aim animations have been polished
  • Falling and fly animations for Pickaxe (relaxed) are in the making
  • Death animations are in the making
  • Relaxed pistol crouch transition & heavy crouch transition are in the making
  • Crouch transition & heavy crouch transition have been finished
  • New large asteroids have been made, variation added to the clusters
  • More variations of asteroid materials are in the making
  • Multi-material testing and overall material adjustments on big asteroids have been made
  • Maneuver thruster's misalignment has been fixed
  • Autocannon's ammo connection angle has been changed to 30 degrees
  • Moon rock density tests are underway
  • Exterior decorating and decal bleed fixes on medium halls in the making
  • Asteroid hall farLOD tintmask and color map updated
  • Mega station's ship showroom farLOD has been finished


Week15_Starbase_cratestShip_8crate.jpg Week15_Starbase_large_asteroid_cluster.jpg Week15_Starbase_large_asteroid_multimaterial_test_01.jpg Week15_Starbase_large_asteroid_multimaterial_test_04.jpg Week15_Starbase_large_hall_7.jpg Week15_Starbase_moon_large_rock_towers.jpg Week15_Starbase_new_large_asteroids.jpg Week15_Starbase_planet_moon_rock_density_testing.jpg

Unfortunately no development videos this week. But we did post a new official video on YouTube, so make sure to check that out if you have not already! Click here to watch it. Did you find the secret hidden in it?

As always, feel free to ask any questions regarding these progress notes!
And if you haven't yet, go add Starbase to your Steam wishlist!


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Aug 9, 2019
the moon is so damn cool looking, if the moons getting me this excited when planets come out its gonna "warp my fragile lil mine!"
Oct 3, 2019
A system has been added for preventing the duplication and creation of unallowed objects in the ship creator
What are are these unallowed objects exactly? Something imported from a 3rd party perhaps? Players can still share customized in-game assets with each other, right?
A locking system has been added for crates when the slots are being dragged so other players can't intervene
Why shouldn't players be able to intervene? Or maybe this only concerns safe areas.