Starbase Progress Notes: Week 28 (2020)


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Sep 6, 2019
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 28 (2020)
July 6th - 10th

Hi all! Here are the progress notes of week 28, hope you enjoy!


  • Repair Job is in the making: a mock up station has been created for build test scenes and blueprint repair has been tested
  • Laser idle ammo has been added to economy and crafting data
  • Some economy fixes and configs have been made
  • Rangefinder asset collision tests have been made
  • Assembly Job's instruction terminal issues have been fixed. All the terminals are now static and indestructible again
  • Refuel terminal's UI design has been finished
  • Demolition Job has been tested
  • Material and blueprint tabs' designs are in the making for the Universal Tool
  • Asteroids maximum loading amount has been reduced from 10 to 2 to improve performance in the belt. Only 2 asteroids are fully loaded at the time, other asteroids remain LODs
User Interface
  • Cash Shop design is in the making: layout has been reworked and some mock ups have been created
  • The disposal shaft in Ship Demolish hall has been updated to look like a large shaft instead of multiple single ones
  • The broken take-off terminals in the Command Center have been fixed
  • Ore storage towers' resource bridge connection should now be synced with other players / group members


  • An issue where rangefinders reported zero distance in some ship setups has been fixed
  • Building hologram outline has been added to the options menu
  • Issues with the player character animation direction have been fixed
  • Ship blueprints can now be made visible on spawned ships and the blueprint can be repaired using the Building Tool
User Interface
  • All items are now stackable
  • Double-clicking items now sends them first to equipment, then to station inventory
  • An issue with Resource Bridge's device fields affecting mining backpack's normal slots has been fixed
  • Animation context activation has been added for the Resource Bridge emote
  • 'Invite received' signal has been added to FriendClient, so that the invite could be added to chat
  • An issue that prevented the player from picking up ore nuggets with the 'P' key has been fixed
  • Ores can now be picked up to the large bag slots
Spaceship Designer
  • Module library's first version has been committed. Deleting/renaming folders and deleting module parts works now
  • Layer control buttons have been added for pipes and cables
  • Paint tool part selection optimization is underway
  • Colour update syncing has been added to the component colouring action
  • Maximum brush size and plane depth have been reduced to (at least temporarily) decrease the amount of network traffic caused by the new syncing


Animations and Emotes
  • Saw Tool reload animation has been finished (3rd person)
  • Remote explosive related animations are in the making (3rd person)
  • One-handed tool fire animation has been made (3rd person)
  • Rig has been made for the mounted weapon turret
  • Rummage animations are in the making (3rd person)
  • FarLOD texture maps of the Spaceship Shop have been updated
  • New farLOD has been added for the Empire and Kingdom versions of the Spaceship Shop
  • FarLOD model and texture maps of the Ship Demolish Hall have been updated
  • Lot Designer thumbnails have been updated to hall modules: Small 5; Medium 1-3, 5, 7-8, 14, 18; Large 4, 9
  • Small Hall 10 has been added to Lot Designer. (Small Hall 9 has also been created, but due to categorizing issues, is still being worked on.)
  • Hologram and sign LODs have been updated to work with various distances, but are not yet fully implemented
  • Antigel Rifle, Autocannon and Rail Gun Turret have had updates on their muzzle flash
  • Texture issues and some commit errors with Minigun have been fixed
  • Laser Rifle, Bolter and Revolver effects have been updated
  • Gauss Rifle VFX (muzzle/trails) and Long Rifle (hit effect) have been updated
  • The common hit_12mm effect now has some additional extra longer lasting sparks
  • Minor tweaks have been made to Resolver's muzzle
  • Updated inventory icons have been made for Antigel rifle, Battle rifle and Gauss Rifle
  • Mounted weapon and autocannon WIP textures have been added and the blue default weapon tintcolor has been enabled
  • The wrongly assembled plasma cannons in the ship weapon shop in the Marketplace that had a mix of plasma and laser parts have been fixed
  • Asteroid LODs have been optimized to have more LOD levels
  • Medium sized asteroids have gained some few clusters and have been adjusted visual


week28_starbase_market_holograms_1.jpg week28_starbase_market_holograms_2.jpg week28_starbase_repair_job_test.jpg week28_starbase_weapon_icons.jpg


As always, feel free to ask any questions regarding these progress notes!
And if you haven't yet, go add Starbase to your Steam wishlist!


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Dec 10, 2019
The wrongly assembled plasma cannons in the ship weapon shop in the Marketplace that had a mix of plasma and laser parts have been fixed
Yay, It's great to see that my feedback is making a difference, or at least I'm helping to bring attention to things.

Also, I'd love to see a ship mounted version of the gatling gun.
Jun 8, 2020
This is really awesome. Every week is better than last one. You work very hard and the result is admirable.I can't wait for testing. :) Thank you all Devs. Greeting from Bohemia.