Starbase Progress Notes: Week 30 (2020)


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Sep 6, 2019
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 30 (2020)
July 20th - 24th

Hello everyone. Here are the progress notes of Week 30, hope you enjoy!


  • Work on the Demolition Job continues: instancing area and instructions terminal have been added, and the job has been tested
  • Design work for beam welding continues
  • New pyramid plates have been added to economy
  • Material progression and balance design has been worked on
  • Damage model update design has been worked on
  • Asteroid belt material distribution planning is in the works
  • Blueprint design is underway: blueprint obtaining and progression have been worked on
User Interface
  • Design for the Cosmetics Shop item and cart pages has been worked on
  • Updated mockups have been made for the Decal Tool
Spaceship Designer
  • 8 new Pyramid plates have been added to the Spaceship Designer


  • Work on ship beam welding continues, beams can now be attached without snapping a beam to a blueprint first
User Interface
  • Feedback Tool's screenshot editor now uses correct tool icons in the toolbox
  • Support has been added to Feedback Tool's screenshot editor for creating, duplicating and deleting tools with a context menu and rearranging existing tools by dragging


  • Emote_halt has been finished
  • Emote_slap is in the making
Stations/Lot Designer
  • Large hall 5 has been redesigned to fit the large lot area, and added back to Lot Designer with an updated thumbnail
  • Minor visual fixes and tweaks to nearly all of the Lot Designer Hallway modules
  • Saw's hit effect has been tweaked, and the amount of sparks has been increased
  • Plasma rifle's projectile and muzzle flash have been tweaked
  • Laser turret projectile's texture, hit effect and muzzle flash have been updated
  • Front/side texture tests have been made for projectiles
  • Axe melee weapon's textures have been fixed slightly
  • Grenade Launcher VFX have been updated: new reload, shoot, projectile and hit effects
  • Repeater Pistol has been updated, projectile and hit effect updated
  • Rail Rifle VFX have been updated
  • Inventory icons have been added for: Flamer, Reaper Cannon, Combat Shield, Axe, Kukri and Khopesh
  • Hunter armorset's texture quality has been polished and paintjobs updated
  • A new version for Sunny Ship Center sign has been created and a damaged version has been made for the second hand ship shop
  • A proper desktop shortcut icon has been added


Week30_Starbase_armorsets_hunter_polish.jpg Week30_Starbase_New_pyramid_plate_set.jpg Week30_Starbase_Okim_logo_hologram_05.jpg Week30_Starbase_station_small_hall_12_level_art_wip.jpg Week30_Starbase_station_small_hall_12_level_art_wip_1.jpg Week30_Starbase_Sunny_signV2_01.jpg Week30_Starbase_updated_weapon_icons_6.jpg Week30_Starbase_updated_weapon_icons_7.jpg


As always, feel free to ask any questions regarding these progress notes!
And if you haven't yet, go add Starbase to your Steam wishlist!


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Dec 10, 2019
I really like the glow effect that lasts after the bullet impacts in the repeater video. However, is there any way you could have the slide stay back until after a new magazine is loaded?

Also, will there be a detailed description of how beam welding works? I'm particularly interested to know if it is a replacement for brackets in any way or if there are trade-offs from using either method if both coexist. Looks pretty slick so far, though.

Lastly, is Okim is getting his own ship shop?


Jul 15, 2019
Lastly, is Okim is getting his own ship shop?
I have created a separate thread in Alpha announcements to discuss this. In one word, yes, Okim Industries is the first faction to get their own Ship Shop. We'll create Ship Shops for any factions that have more than 20 ships created, and eventually this process will be completely player-led, meaning that players can create custom Ship Shops on their own. But until the tools are available ingame, we'll give a helping hand. :)


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May 19, 2020
Awesomenesss great work everyone Can't wait till I get to play. This well patch the Void I get In other Space games.