Starbase Progress Notes: Week 43


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Sep 6, 2019
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 43
Hello everyone! Progress notes from the week 43 are here!


  • Collision damage design: players take damage depending on the amount of impulse they receive when colliding with other players or objects
  • Asteroid Mining Job tested for any known issues
  • Building Tool UI worked on
  • Locale, resource and economy configurations and fixes
  • Locales added for Starbase Spaceship Creator devices and broken locales fixed
  • Storage system and universal tool UI; Iterating on universal tool storage mode UI design, updating general universal tool UI design and unifying interaction logic between modes
  • Gas canister reactions and explosions; testing an "explosion track" with canisters placed next to each other
  • Company Overview page: modular elements added, Company advertisements and applications designed
  • Company Stations, designs for inventory management and station access and rights
  • Connector design: walkways updated, walkways + attachments added
  • Support beams modified in connector module to fit lower grid slot's support beams
  • Slot connector module is now called a pillarway
  • Stacking lots test build done in Mega Station Creator
  • Pillarway module build finished
  • Beam structures modified in walkway intersections of lower grid slots
  • Walkway intersections updated in multiple grid slots
Ship and Station Creators
  • New design for rotate tool in Ship Creator: addition of a rotation indicator and wider axle representation
  • New possible design for better collision checks in Mega Station Creator: system that automatically generates an accurate collision box of the actual model, then cast that collision box over the lod and use it for collision checks
  • Information gathered for the universal Spaceship Creator guide
  • Large modules named and new ones added in Spaceship Creator


  • Object Pose extrapolation: final tests and commits made
  • Grabbing related issues fixed
  • Parenting for replaced objects fixed
  • UI improvements: scroll bar fixed
  • Jobs section fixed: used to remove the first job no matter which job was clicked, job list loading fixed
  • Ship despawn areas added to lots
  • Some rework on slot & yolol chips autoconnect-to-slot logic
  • Mining job tests underway
  • Asteroid spawning fixes: now prevents asteroid from spawning if an asteroid is already being spawned
  • Lot inventory: inventory headers and slots working now
  • Lot inventory: item moving code refactored, items can now be properly moved between bank, station inventory and backpack
  • Tools: Fixed an infinite loop caused by refactored lowering system
  • Animation: Unified animation context setting and context behavior in one place. This fixed some animation issues that used separate logic
  • Pushing: Added more accurate way of detecting if an object tried to be pushed is a ship. Old one caused problems with parts originated from ships
  • Weapons: Fixed reloading with primary button to work properly
  • The mining job collector refactored including loading settings from type
User interface
  • 3D GUI culling changed so that in no longer fails while moving in high speeds
  • Work on setting up Steam friends in social tab underway
  • Created new item for bolt magazine, with ammo type Bolt
  • Fixed chat related input issue in SSC
  • Small fixes on SocialTabContextMenu to handle input leaks properly
  • Tabs added to quick access area and rendering added for quick access table
  • Social Tab visual rework underway
  • Friend name and status now shows in the table
  • Sorting function added for Steam friends and special rendering functions which doesn't use filters
  • Filter scaling changed to scale everywhere on the screen and to stop scaling when mouse button is lifted
  • Fixed a bug where Steam players that were away weren't shown online
Starbase Spaceship Creator
  • Low detail background added and customizable build area restrictions to the ship creator when entered from a station's terminal
  • A dev feature added to the ship creator to preview ship's automatically generated LOD model
  • Bugs fixed where the device component connections would break the multi-user undo
  • More spawning related issues with the blueprint terminals fixed
  • Economy core tech refactored, price servers changed, editor changes made
  • Work on basic economy tech continues
  • More volumetric fog tests, splitting passes for generating density
  • Blue noise atlas replaced with uniform one; Adding mergebot config for util texture dir
  • MaterialResources created for managing material textures
  • MeshMaterialProcesserModule texture processing refactored to use renderer/processing/util/TextureProcessing
  • Macro texture parameters updated to work with blue noise masking
  • Tiling using blue noise masking reduced


  • Ship showroom decoration polishes and parenting, some positions of ships changed
  • A color fix made in empire ship repair hall
  • LODs updated for shops
  • Farlod made for megastation's upper intersection, all the collision errors fixed with metro grid
  • Command center decorations underway
  • mining_shop module updated and the fixed module to grid slots
  • Missing railings and other interior objects added for maintenance hall
  • Trading market log updated and details added
  • Fixed mounts' visual update finished
  • Ship assets: A set of window assets edited and their default alpha values and default roughness values so that reflecting light sources aren't as blinding
  • Ship assets: 5 new window plates created, 3 new non-window plates created as a counter parts for window plates
  • Ship assets: LODs created for 9 window plates
  • Plasma rifle's hit and projectile effects have been modified
  • Reload effect for battle rifle added and projectile edited
  • Arclighter projectile was updated with a better lightning effect
  • Plasma rifle projectile was updated
  • Gauss rifle textures and paint-jobs updated
  • Arclighter and Reaper cannon rigs updated with new magazine models, slight rig optimizations
  • New animations for first-person Arclighter and Reaper cannon reloads
  • New Reaper cannon third-person stand idle and stand relaxed idle animations
  • Details around "the rail" ad sign added
  • Some sub modules replaced, collisions checked and faction colors configured
  • Tests made on different sized asteroids and with object placing

Gallery of the week

Click here for full-sized pictures:
Week43_command_center_upstairs_wip7.jpg Week43_Starbase_asteroid_500_meter_radius.jpg Week43_Starbase_asteroids_side_by_side.jpg Week43_LodGenerator_adjusted_pincer.jpg
Week43_LodGenerator_pincer_2.jpg Week43_Starbase_fixed_mount_update_wip_25.jpg Week43_Starbase_mega_station_modules_pillarway.jpg Week43_SSC_test_gunship.jpg


As always, feel free to ask any questions regarding these progress notes!
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Aug 9, 2019
Speculation: Release date.

6 asteroids indicate the length of CA (it may also be 1 week and 5 days)
16 = day
the 12 parts = month

release date = 16.12.2019 (of CA)

(means games out 24)
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Sep 26, 2019
Alternate interpretation: December 16th is the full release date, and the five asteroid picture, the asteroids in that picture are large as evidenced by the Empire fighter (I think it's called Spatha) landed on the middle one, those asteroids denote CA length before release, so 5 weeks of CA, CA out November 11th


Learned-to-turn-off-magboots endo
Sep 26, 2019
Next Alternative, the pic taken from the Spatha signifies that CA starts in the month prior to EA release, and then the 5 asteroids would mean 5th of November for CA release
Oct 14, 2019
Alternate interpretation: December 16th is the full release date, and the five asteroid picture, the asteroids in that picture are large as evidenced by the Empire fighter (I think it's called Spatha) landed on the middle one, those asteroids denote CA length before release, so 5 weeks of CA, CA out November 11th
Am I reading this right? Release 16th of Dec.....


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Sep 6, 2019
No no no, you're all doing it wrong.

Ok, so, 2 ships.
1 really big asteroid, the other ship gets hit by it, that leaves us with 1.
Some more asteroids (5) plus 1 = 6.
Let's take the asteroids home with the ship, ok?
Wow the station looks like number 16. That leaves us with 6 + 16.
Hmm one really big ship, that's definitely worth of that would be 616 + 2.
Let's turn it around: 2616.
12 parts? Not enough, let's make more...24? Yes.

Release date: 2.4.2616

I think I got it guys.
Oct 16, 2019
No no no!!! You all are wrong it is 12 25 2020.....
Or whatever it takes to release an awesome game whichever comes first right!