Starbase Progress Notes: Week 45


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Sep 6, 2019
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 45
Here are the Starbase progress reports from the week 45.


  • Player damage when colliding with ships tweaked: players receive damage when colliding with objects at high speeds
  • New values adjusted for player taking damage when being hit by objects
  • New mockup of main CV profile page worked on
  • Bank statement positive and negative colours to be more colourblind friendly
  • Destructible station tested in the developer test universe
  • Missing battery cable slot fixed
  • Sell terminals set to ask best selling prices available on station
  • Economy configs updated to match new features
  • Economy design: Ship prices and insurance related math worked on
  • In-house documentation updated for the Universal Tool
  • Mining job instancing tested
  • Company control for ship access design worked on
  • Torpedo configs worked on: Basic thruster and YOLOL chip support functionality tested
  • In-game chat font sizes updated
Starbase Spaceship & Station Creators
  • Spaceship Creator multiplayer and recent updates tested
  • Collision check system for Mega Station Creator reworked
  • Valiant worked on
  • Swarmer versions of Spatha and Knight made for destructible station


  • Ship lod pose sync code is now extrapolation-based
  • "No space to leave seat"- text appears both in the middle of the screen and in system chat message as well
  • Issues fixed with fracture-only damage objects not converting voxel damage to fracture damage properly
  • Entity pose syncing fixed
  • Area scale tool tool not working when target object was rotated fixed
  • V-snap support added for Decal Entities
  • Animations fixed to work properly when unarmed
  • Player collision damage updated to be more consistent with other collision consequences
  • Issue fixed where sub items wouldn't move from station inventories
  • Modular armor equipping fixed to work properly with station inventories
  • Syncing thruster information of newly appearing remote ship fixed
  • Behaviour fixed of thrusters not connected to a Main Flight Computer
  • Some aspects of cargo collisions fixed
  • Transformation "ghost objects" preventing intersecting snapped poses in SSC fixed
  • First version of the assembly player job added to the game
  • Bolt tool now uses ammunition properly when fired. The magazines can be acquired from shops and dropped to world if needed
  • Shop transactions no longer affected negatively during price changes
User interface
  • Interaction tool has been updated and bugs fixed
  • 'Settings' have been changed and gamma has been changed to brightness
  • Magazines now change their slot index when they are moved inside weapon and out
  • Swapping items on equipment inventory prevented when the swapped item cannot be set to slot where the other item came from
  • Closing of the context menu added when clicking outside the menu or when 'esc' is pressed
Starbase Spaceship Creator
  • Multiplayer bugs have been fixed
  • Blueprint developer terminal visuals have been improved
  • Issue fixed in the undoable auto-bolting action that occurred with some of the large ships
  • Object snapping has been improved
  • Volumetric fog updates
  • Motion vector "no-offset" case fixes when camera is in motion


  • Submodules updated
  • Command center final polishes underway: light and UI checks
  • Voxel collision errors with level art and metro stop grids fixed
  • All mega stations' voxel collisions with level art and metro stop grids fixed
  • The rest of the mega station beam LODs fixed
  • Texture and paint-job updates for LODs
  • Bolter textures updated. The plastic pattern was removed completely to make the weapon more industrial looking
  • Weapon effects updated to not display gravity or air dynamics in them
  • Bolter paint-jobs updated with more visually optimized shapes for better combinations
  • Plasma Rifle textures updated. The plastic pattern was reduced to have more contrast between shiny and patterned areas
  • Plasma Rifle paint-jobs updated with more visually optimized shapes for better combinations
  • New Reaper cannon 3rd person reload animation made
  • 1st and 3rd person reload polishes made for Flamer
  • Rocket Launcher: UV's updated and the scope model to function like the other scoped weapons in game. Small mismatches between the high and low poly models fixed
  • Swarmer Launcher: Collisions errors between Swarmer Launcher, fixed mounts and launcher support fixed
  • Turret arms: Stray voxels' collision issues fixed
  • New 3rd person Rocket Launcher and Flamer carry idle animations made
  • New 3rd person idle animations made for Rifle/Rocket Launcher/Flamer/Pistol/Universal Tool
  • Pipe tool high poly finished
  • Rock placement tests on asteroids underway
  • Turn animation threshold increased to 90 degrees: new 90 degree aim poses implemented
  • Cable Tool now has 1st person reload animation

Gallery of the week

Click here for full-sized images:
Week45_Module_large_hall_wall_round_lod.jpg Week45_Module_large_hall_wall_slanted_lod.jpg Week45_Starbase_asteroid_material_rocky_surface.jpg Week45_Starbase_metro_transmitter_lods_preview.jpg Week45_Starbase_station_hall_lounge_a_outer_decorations_preview.jpg Week45_Starbase_triangle_thruster_new_bolt_spots.jpg


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