Suggestion pack from ji

Nov 27, 2021
Here is many suggestions I post here to fix some hard, unplayable t or add required features:
  1. Make simmetrical mode for ship design. Like in Starmade game. They've made good ship builder. Easy to build big ships.
  2. Make easier placement mode for ship design. Parts must align other parts like in Minecraft, Starmade and Space Engineers games.
  3. Add flightstick support. No way to play without it. Game seems too raw.
  4. Add more explanations for guide. Add pistol training. Add safezone and asteroids guide.
  5. Tweak game performance. It is enough to play with 6 GB ram and weak GPU. Game is not optimized enough.
  6. Finish recycle tool. Also make it for ships.
  7. Make salvage tool. Tool to debolt and autostore items in ship cargo. To make piracy viable.
  8. Make traiding like in Eve Online. It is hard to buy stuff. You can click "Buy" and no dialog messages to confirm will be shown. You can spend 10 millions to buy unnecessary item for you if you just missclick "Back". Also you cannot put buy order. When changing a price you have to cancel all orders and put and another. Also 10% commission is very much. Make it around 1-3%. Add buy orders. Add change orders. Allow multiple selections in orders list. When you sell 100 ores and price changes you shouldn't have to cancel them all one by one. Make them sellable by one when making single listening or remake market like in Eve Online. Also add price charts. Make market available from station menu. It is not too hard. Game is legendary.


Well-known endo
May 20, 2020
All of your points are known.
The game is still in the alpha, and most of your points are quality of life features.
Those can wait.

There are a lot of more pressing matters to attend currently.