The Gates and Fast Travel Visual Effects


Veteran endo
Mar 13, 2020
I think two last things we should improve is fast travel gate.
And also the visual effects , too.

First, the gate itself is too skimp or simple.
It's just a ring shaped station frame.

And fast travel has no visual effects through the whole way to the moon.

I dont think it's hard to do or will have bad influence the game a lot.
I think everyone would like to see the cool effects and gates.

So I think they should be added into the roadmap at least.
And also the fast travel effect is one of the most romantic parts in any SF game or any visual form I believe.


Active endo
Jul 14, 2021
I personally like the mid-industrial vibe that space structures have in Starbase, although I do agree that more visual effects should be present in warp. A lot of new people in the last alpha wave thought that they weren't moving midway, the first couple times they entered warp.