Update 11.2.2021 (Alpha 353)


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Aug 9, 2019

Update 11.2.2021 (Alpha 353)

New Features and Major Updates
  • Ship decommissioning and claiming
  • Ships tab to the personal window for managing ships
  • Separate player station build areas
  • In-game mail system in Social -> Inbox
  • Modular Buttons
    • Simple Button 12x12 cm
    • Simple Button 12x24 cm
    • Warning Light Button 12x12 cm
Known Issues
  • Cannot send mail to players who haven't logged in after the mail system has been added
  • Melee
    • Fixed animations not syncing if player punched as fast as cooldown allowed
    • Added 3rd person prone melee animations
    • Added up and down versions of 3rd person melee animation
    • Polished 1st and 3rd person melee animation
  • Added unique prone animation to Rocket Launcher

  • Added holograms and hologram LODs to Moon City landing sections
  • Recentered Base Structure Empty (Large) far-LOD which was causing gaps
  • Removed half-floating beam parts from Ship Design Workshops
  • Slightly modified YOLOL Rack Chip Reader model and changed its collision error threshold so it's possible to build on top of one without problems in Ship Designer
  • Fixed a small texture issue in YOLOL Rack 48x48x48
Asteroid Belt
  • Smoothened the transition between the fog and the rest of the asteroid belt
  • Updated Grenade Launcher explosion sounds
  • Updated Box Thruster sound
  • Modified Railcannon sound
    • Larger stereo image which uses the new panning system
    • Added more bass
  • Fast Travel Gate
    • The arrival sounds are now audible to other players from meaningful distances
    • Tweaked music to duck when SFX bus is near maximum volume
  • Fixed YOLOL Chips not staying in the sockets
  • 3D Printer Small
    • Fixed an issue where you could get additional printing by connecting to a large printer with pipes.
  • Added Fixed Mount Small Turntable 1 and 2 to Ship Weapon shop
  • Added new Modular Buttons to Ship Part shop
  • Fixed items disappearing and appearing in instances when they shouldn't
  • Fixed tools being activated while still interacting with interactable objects when focus was moved
  • Adjusted Railcannon power usage
    • Charge up maintenance cost from 505 to 1501
  • Adjusted material Armor per Kv values
    • Aegisium: Armor per Kv from 2,1 to 1,9
    • Merkerium: Armor per Kv from 2,0 to 1,9
    • Charodium: Armor per Kv from 3,5 to 3,7
    • Oninum: Minimum Armor per Kv from 0,15 to 0,25
  • Blocked holdable binds when text input is active
  • Ore Towers
    • "Sell all" action now sells everything in Ore Crates
  • Optimized large inventory performance
Missiles and Torpedoes
  • Fixed missiles and torpedoes not firing if they were not part of a valid ship frame
  • Fixed Torpedo Fuse's safety automatically deactivating, regardless of the state of "SafetyTime"
  • Added Russian to Text language options in Settings -> General
  • Removed languages that do not have localizations from Text language dropdown menu
  • Removed "Search people" field from CV -> Bank Statement
  • Enabled placing Item Collections to the universe using Quickslots
  • Fixed not being able to bind Remote Explosives to Quickslots
  • Added Ships tab to the personal window for managing ships
  • Added ability to decommission ships to Ships tab
  • Decommissioned ships can be now claimed by flying them to a despawn area
  • Fixed ship LODs not updating after receiving damage
  • Fixed ship LOD disappearing in host migration
  • Fixed ship LODs being momentarily visible when spawning ship from terminal
  • Fixed unloading ship derelicts sometimes leaving derelicts to the universe
  • Fixed ships failing to transfer to their original host after using Ship Designer
  • Fixed Durability calculation results not being stored correctly (affecting remote thruster effects, distant ship sounds, etc.)
  • Fixed an issue where the player warped back to the Pilot Chair that had no space for exiting, if the player had switched to another seat and used it for leaving the chair instead
  • Refactored ship thruster tech (no changes in thruster resource usage)
Ship Designer
  • Automatic thruster device renaming now affects "thrusterCurrentThrust" device fields
  • Durability error info boxes are now visible when Durability Tool is active even if another tool is selected
  • Added pre-assembled weapon modules with fixed mounts to Asset Browser -> Spaceship Modules -> Spaceship Modules Starter Kit (Autocannon, Laser Cannon, Plasma Thrower, Rail Cannon)
  • Added new Modular Buttons to Devices -> Controls
    • Simple Button 12x12 cm
    • Simple Button 12x24 cm
    • Warning Light Button 12x12 cm
Ship Shops
  • Updated player-made ships
    • Biscuit
    • Centauri
    • Molerat
    • Myrmidon
    • Taniwha
    • Tetracore
    • Worker Ant
  • Updated ship descriptions
    • 10 Flying Arrow Stains the Sky Black
    • Q52
    • R22-QS "Astra"
  • Fixed missing Resource Bridges from a few Ore Storage Towers in Origin
  • Fixed red Ore Tower hologram placement
  • Fixed Resource Bridges with missing host modes (which enable multiple players to use them simultaneously) in Origin station
Station Building
  • Added a separate build area to player stations
    • Limits the possible build area in Station Designer
    • The build area and safe zone grow when station voxel volume increases
    • A bonus of 250 m is added to the build area once Foundation Unit is complete
    • Default build area sizes
      • Initial build area: 250x250x250 m
      • Maximum build area: 1000x1000x1000 m
  • Limited freewelding and blueprint holograms to the station's build area
  • Allowed bolting to player stations
  • Added in-game mail system to Social -> Inbox
    • Credit attachments can be included in messages
    • Mail recipient can be selected by clicking player names with Mouse Button 1 on the sidebar
  • Added localizations for several menus and UI elements
    • French
    • German
    • Russian
  • Added tooltips for multiple devices in Machinery category
  • Fixed a typo in group invitation
  • Fixed Corner 45° Up (Small) description in Station Designer
  • Polished tutorial texts
  • Polished "Zero Gravity roll left" bind description
  • Added device fields that inform the current area rules (insideSafeZone, playerDamage, shipDamage, collisionDamage, stationsAllowed)
    • Provides 0 if the rule is false, and 1 if the rule is true
    • The transponder must be attached to a ship
  • Bolt Tool
    • Autobolting doesn't add bolts and Attachment Plates on beams that are welded anymore (in-game and Ship Designer)
  • Remote Explosives
    • Increased reload duration
    • Fixed Remote explosives containers autoloading into other weapons when swapping Remote Explosives Detonator with Quickslots
    • Fixed pressing "f" or "p" keys causing empty magazine sounds
Additional Note
If you fly a ship you want to claim to a despawn area, you have to claim it before it despawns. If the claiming isn't done before this, the ship will be gone and cannot be claimed anymore.
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Learned-to-turn-off-magboots endo
Aug 9, 2019
I've been looking forward to smaller buttons for quite a while. A bit sad they can only be colored though (not labeled).


Veteran endo
Aug 22, 2019
What's the reasoning for players to decomission ships? As in, is there any penalty to owning an excessive number of ships?
Will ships automatically decommission if they are spawned but unused for a certain amount of time (like a week)?
I like the addition, but am wondering why players would decomission their own ships?

cranky corvid

Well-known endo
Aug 25, 2019
I appreciated being able to clear wrecks and bugged ships out of my ship list. Before you had to bother community managers for that. If you have a wreck that you're not going to recover, decommissioning it also allows other players to salvage it if they want (or I imagine it should, even inside a safezone, given it no longer has an owner). In the future, when the transponder system is more developed, it will probably also change the ship's transponder registry data to reflect the change in ownership (and identify it as freely salvageable).


Master endo
Dec 10, 2019
What's the reasoning for players to decomission ships? As in, is there any penalty to owning an excessive number of ships?
Will ships automatically decommission if they are spawned but unused for a certain amount of time (like a week)?
I like the addition, but am wondering why players would decomission their own ships?
The only reason I can think of besides uncluttering is gifting ships right now.