Update 17.12.2020 (Alpha 321)


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Jul 22, 2020

Update 17.12.2020 (Alpha 321)

New features and Major Updates
  • New ship hosting and loading rules
  • Reworked ship thruster audio
Known Issues
  • Audio devices have been noted to cause crashes when on some ships and this issue is under investigation
  • Building is not currently possible on player station lots
  • Added unique 3rd person walking and running animations for tools in lowered mode
  • Added 1st person "repair fail" animation for Building Tool
  • Added animations when trying to fire an empty weapon
  • Fixed a loop issue with 1st person Assault Rifle run animation
  • Fixed one-handed tools using wrong 3rd person animations when player is in the air
  • Improved functionality of 3rd person animations when player is in the air
  • Emotes
    • Changed 1st person emote /thumbs to use animation from /yes emote
    • Modified the new /thumbs animation
    • Removed 1st person animation from /yes
  • Rocket Launcher
    • Updated 1st person reload animation to match current reload time
  • Fixed a misconfigured asteroid normalmap
  • Tweaked decals on skyscraper stem and wall modules
  • Updated Modular Ore Cargo Crate's bolt profile with long bolts for better connection through plates to beams
  • Updated Modular Ore Cargo Crate to be about 24% lighter in mass
    • Simultaneously reduces its material cost
  • Reworked ship thruster sounds
    • More distinctive sounds between Box and Triangle Thrusters
    • Tweaks for large thruster and general volume level adjustments
  • Mining Backpack
    • Configured vacuum sounds trigger only when ore is collected
    • Added on/off switch sound when vacuuming is activated or deactivated
  • Death music volume is now adjusted by the Other Music slider in Settings
  • Added separate error messages for sending whispers to offline or non-existing players
  • Fixed chat getting stuck and not showing up
  • Added new light "weld" material and changed welds to use this
    • Ships should have a slight mass decrease
  • Fixed Charodium ore consumption for refined material of same kind
    • Charodium ore required is now halved (similarly to other ores in build 312)
  • Added or modified "afterburn" FX to Hit effect and optimized the spawning and scaling rates over distance
    • Laser Cannon
    • Plasma Thrower
    • Rail Cannon
  • Fixed building Small Fuel Rods making them explode
  • Fixed Small Fuel Rod not attaching correctly without bolting
  • Fixed auto-attached multi-object devices, such as the Small Fuel Rod, getting stuck
  • Changed default value of shown missing blueprint parts to 10 in Stations tab -> Blueprint Options
  • Polished and edited Settings menu texts
  • Company
    • Added arrows next to the teams in hierarchy page
  • Custom ship bindsets
    • Fixed not being able scroll bindset list with the mouse wheel, if the list had more than 11 bindset
  • Prevented an invisible quickbar from blocking cursor hover
Interior Designer
  • Fixed bolts not being automatically built when bolted components were built
  • Fixed being able to buy 2x1 items to Mining Backpack even if there was no space for them
  • Fixed not being able to merge partially full ore stacks
  • Updated Moon City structure
    • Made more visible skyscraper "districts"
    • Added slightly bigger base structure
  • Updated an interior-decorated skyscraper entrance
Player Trade
  • Fixed ores seemingly disappearing when mass transferring ores to trade window multiple times
Reconstruction Machine
  • Changed "Resurrection Machine" to "Reconstruction Machine"
  • Fixed Endo Kit count showing incorrectly for clients
  • Polished the description
  • Added a bolt profile
  • Added inventory icons
  • Short distance towing cost within station area is now always 5000 credits, ignoring ship's material content value
  • Optimized lag spikes during host migration of some large ships
  • Fixed the owner not always getting to host their own ship
  • Ships in ship shop should now no longer incorrectly load to LOD models while sprinting
  • Changed ship hosting rules and logic for loading
    • Max amount of hosted or loaded ships will depend on the player's movement speed
      • Stations are shown as far-LODs only when moving fast (over 20m/s)
    • Attaching onto a remote ship with magnetic boots loads the remote ship
      • The ship that is farthest away is unloaded, if the max amount of loaded remote ships is full
    • If Lifeline is attached to a ship, the ship stays loaded as long as the Lifeline is attached
Ship Designer
  • Moved data fields to the top of the Properties window
  • Fixed Mouse Button 2 not turning the camera when Cable and Pipe Tool was enabled and no active cable placements or removal were in progress
  • Added tooltip texts for ship turrets, weapon mounts, Tractor Beam and ship weapon ammunition
  • Spaceship Laborer blueprint is now available
Ship Shops
  • Replaced Vasama with The Sled in the developer Ship Shop for the holiday season
  • Updated player-made ships
    • Beli
    • Buffalo
    • Chemosh Badger-28
    • Glacier AH-06
    • Malamute, Malamute II
    • Mammoth
    • Manatee
    • Manta
    • Mare
    • Marmot-24, Marmot-48, Marmot-72, Marmot-TNK
    • Mastodon
    • Merchantman
    • Mercury
    • Merino
    • Micro
    • Midge
    • Modulus, Modulus FR, Modulus MN
    • Molerat
    • Momento
    • Moneymaker
    • Moneyman
    • Moti
    • Mover
    • Mule
    • Myrmidon
    • Sinthgut
    • Tadpole
    • VasamaDX
  • Replaced transparent Basic Plates with window plates on dev-made ships
    • Gofer
    • Ithaca V1 and V4
    • Kodiak
    • Nautilus Cargo
    • Ocelot
  • Rebalanced dev-made ships
    • Twin Vasama
    • Vasama
  • Removed player-made ship Swine from Rando 3
  • Added creator names to the newly added ships' descriptions
  • Added descriptions for multiple ships
Station Building
  • Fixed rentable lots and ship despawn areas not being created after building a slot that contains them
Station Designer
  • Added integrity check button
  • Automatic despawn timer for derelict ships on stations has been increased from 12h to 72h
  • Disabled automatic despawn for derelict ships on player stations
    • Ships should not despawn automatically on player stations currently
  • Removed old Robur PvP station
  • Added ship shops to the New Robur PvP station
  • Bolt Tool
    • Fixed being able to use autobolting on other players' ships without being in the same group
    • Fixed autobolting/unbolting being left on when grabbing something or switching tools
  • Building Tool
    • Refactored Building Tool to obtain conversion coefficient between refined and unrefined ore from material's crafting data
  • Universal Tool
    • Fixed zoom not activating if other players were in the same session
  • Increased station transponder max distance to 500km
  • Added station transponder distance to HUD
  • Fixed ship transponders not deactivating after the ship has despawned on a station
  • Mining Job tutorial
    • Changed objective triggers to prevent getting stuck when small pieces of asteroids get lost
    • Enabled progressing in the tutorial even if the asteroid is destroyed by instance walls
  • Fixed not being able to pick up an item container part if it was split with Cutting Tool (eg. Backpacks, Cargo Crates)
  • Refactored resource network inventory tracking
Closed Alpha disclaimer:
We have entered a development phase where significant changes are coming in every major patch. These may have a big impact on your gameplay and we are sorry about the inconvenience and possible frustration! Through these updates, the game is starting to come together and pieces are falling into place. We hope that this is also visible to all our players and everybody who follows the game. Regardless we will continue to try and notify our Closed Alpha players of the biggest incoming changes the best we can.
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May 22, 2020
"Fixed chat getting stuck and not showing up" o_O

Wow. Awesome. :cool:

I think you guys are pretty brave doing a release this close to Xmas.

Hope it all goes well and you guys get to have an nice break!
Happy Christmas and New Year, FB Devs and fellow Alpha testers! (y)


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Sep 10, 2019
Why increase the "Ship Despawn"? Doesn't this lead to more congestion and performance hit for others? These are just assumptions so I'm possibly off with my thoughts.


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Mar 13, 2019
Update 18.12.2020 (Alpha 322)

- Removed lots from Robur and replaced them with landing pads
- Fixed stations to show as far-LODs when traveling fast (over 20m/s)