Update 17.3.2021 (Alpha 388)


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Sep 6, 2019

Update 17.3.2021 (Alpha 388)

Known Issues
  • Headlamp light doesn't work properly if Volumetric Lights Area Mode is enabled

Patch Notes

  • Updated animations for walking and running while holding lowered tool
  • Fixed lowered Pickaxe transition animation not activating correctly
  • Tweaked Pickaxe stand and crouch idle aim poses
  • Polished mid-air animations
    • Added tool mid-air animations
    • Moving while mid-air should no longer activate run animations in 1st person
  • Fixed railings in Chemosh ship shop that were colored to red instead of yellow
  • Fixed a few floating lights in Marketplace
  • Fixed wrong color on dropped Power Packs
  • Corrected a Resource Bridge location in one of the Robur station's Refill Station slots
  • Added longer bolts to Plasma Thruster parts to connect them through plates to beams
  • Added new sounds for machinery and devices
    • 3D Printer sounds (start, stop, error, loop, object printed)
    • Generator Unit ambience
    • Reconstruction Machine ready sound
    • Switch 12x24 cm
    • Twist Handle
  • Adjusted Exploration and Station music to be more in the background
  • Button and Switch audio effects now correlate to the button state instead of the player input
  • Fixed Plasma Thruster parts containing only one material
  • Updated Fast Travel Gate entry VFX
    • Added "godray" textures
    • Reduced detail over large distances
    • Minor performance adjustments
  • Empty magazines are now deleted immediately after use and aren't stored in the inventory
    • Existing empty magazines are not affected
  • Fixed Propellant Tanks not exploding properly in some scenarios
    • Also made Propellant Tanks to explode easier
  • Fixed asteroid mining related memory leak
  • Increased Plasma Thrower Magazine ammo capacity from 100 to 150
  • Personal Window is now hidden if Quickslot edit mode is toggled on
  • Fixed some inventory performance issues if inventory contained enough items
  • Added server disconnection messages, which popup to players when they lose connection to any of the servers
  • Added item attachments to Inbox -> Admin mail
    • It is now possible to receive items from admins via mail system
  • Fixed overlapping GUI elements in the search section
Missiles and Torpedoes
  • Added error messages when trying to launch missiles and torpedoes within safezone
  • Improved volumetric lighting and moon terrain rendering performance
  • Fixed potential screen corruption after resolution change
  • Fixed memory leak in ship LOD models
  • Added fail-safes to voxel shader for preventing GPU crashes
Ship Designer
  • Fixed Laser Designator staying on without power if it was activated in Ship Designer before buying it
  • Fixed Material Cost window incorrectly including materials from the inventory to the Available materials
    • Ship purchase uses materials only from the Station Storage
Ship Shops
  • Updated ship shop identifying holograms and hologram LODs
    • Flipped Rando 1-4 holograms on the roofs 180 degrees to make them more easily readable in Origin Station
    • Changed OKI ship shop holograms from "OKIM" to "OKI"
  • Added new player-made ships to Chemosh ship shop
    • A-S-T-L by Astelteyn
    • Po-3 Malka by Chemosh
    • Po-5 Nautilus by Chemosh
    • Po-8 Strannik by Aisberg
  • Added new player-made ship to Duratech ship shop
    • Vana B (by Duratech)
  • Added new player-made ships to Oki 3 ship shop
    • Mantis Brawler by Okim
    • Mantis Chrusher by Okim
    • Mantis Hunter by Okim
    • Shifter LSET304 by Greatmatenate
  • Added new player-made ships to Rando ship shops
    • Barracuda by Combustible and Quasar Systems (Rando 2)
    • Bumblebee by Nedos (Rando 2)
    • Enceladus by ISEC (Rando 1)
    • Locust by Moonset (Rando 3)
    • MLS-8-252 "Truzhenik" by "ARGENT" faction and Abram (Rando 3)
    • Myrmidon by Snoble with extraordinary assistance from Vintage Inc (Rando 2)
    • Nohu by Combustible (Rando 3)
    • TAC Eclipse-CT Mk-002 by Kapergame and Tactical (Rando 2)
    • Tadpole Mk.1 by Excelsior (Rando 2)
    • Wolf 2540-4 by Kodey (Rando 4)
  • Updated player-made ships
    • "Antares" Twin Frame Freighter
    • Axiom
    • Corundum
    • EYDAMA A
    • Gnat(L)
    • Inanis Venari
    • Kestral
    • Marmot-TNK
    • Stibnite
    • Tick
    • Tricone
  • Moved player-made ships between ship shops
    • Chemosh Ark I from Rando 3 to Chemosh
    • Chemosh Badger-28 from Rando 3 to Chemosh
    • Chess In Space from Rando 4 to Rando 1
    • Tabletka from Rando 2 to Chemosh
  • Removed player-made ships
    • Beli
    • Bruiser MSET302
    • Gourami
    • Heptifili A
    • Hype Van
    • Hype Van Autocannon Blue
    • Hype Van Autocannon Red
    • Marlin
    • Midge
    • Pincher
    • Sinthgut
    • Spiker
Station Designer
  • Fixed entering the editor failing when built station got large enough
  • Edited descriptions
    • Ship Designer tools
    • Transponder and control settings
  • Added and edited item descriptions (Machinery, ammunition)
  • Cutting Tool is now reloadable tool and requires Power Packs
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