Update 17.6.2020 (Build 187)


Community Manager
Aug 9, 2019
  • Animations polished across the board
Assembly Job
  • Various UI tweaks
  • Passenger and Pilot Chair have new spawn positions
  • Bolts now go to an existing temporary magazine if one exists in player's inventory. (Should no longer be possible to receive empty magazines.)
  • Thruster sounds have been modified
  • Bolt Tool, Cable Tool, Pipe Tool and Welding Tool now have separate audio events for empty and failed state
  • All emotes should have sounds now
Chat & Social
  • Company member/rank lists should sync properly
  • Added durability support for containers and specifically Ore Cargo Crates
  • Disallowed cargo beams to grab ships in safe zones
  • Changed Mining Backpack Automatic Collecting default value to true
  • Railgun
    • Fixed Railgun barrel not using charge
    • Increased Railgun charging rate by 280% (55 charge for 2777 power, previously 20 charge for 1000 power)
    • The charge drain remains at 10/s
  • Modulo by zero in Yolol no longer crashes the game
  • Fixed Rail Mover not disconnecting from device network when grabbed
  • Ship shops at station should now have static prices
  • Adjusted rail gun (infantry weapon) price
Feedback Tool
  • Overwriting screenshots should no longer happen before a report is uploaded
  • Screenshot selection checkbox is disabled if only one screenshot is selected
  • Added a color picker to tool options
  • Added icon rendering
  • New and updated icons in bigger sizes for various items
  • Fixed distance indicator not disappearing when disabled
Lot & Ship Designer
  • Various UI fixes and tweaks
  • Fixed chat opening eating input when a box is focused
  • Tooltips hidden in version history
  • Added ability to add a bolt in an existing attachment plate already bolted on one side to autobolting
  • Blueprints removed from asset browser
  • Fixed Ship Designer ship LODs in invalid poses
  • Added a way to carry unsaved changes state beyond toolset switches
  • Background should not reset so eagerly anymore
  • Toolset switching fixed and implemented for multiplayer
  • Prevented selecting module icons hidden behind other components
  • Assets sorted in the asset browser by localized names and various fixes to names
  • Fixed metadata updating after loading
  • Added Small Hall 7 to Lot Designer
  • Lots are forced to be built so that each buildable hologram is connected to a doorway through another built object
  • Various crash fixes
  • Fixed a rareish case of objects merging into wrong rotations
  • Fixed FCU's torque calculations with several thrusters grouped
  • Fixed grabbed object not being set to the final pose when releasing grab
  • Mag boots acceleration limited
  • Max falling speed reduced
  • Added bolts so durability doesn't fail when doors are opened
  • Added more bolts to the pilot chair
  • Replaced the YOLOL-version with the FCU-version
Ithaca v4
  • Added a couple of more bolts (fixes durability issues when all doors were open)
  • Added one bolt (fixes durability issue when both doors were open)
  • Added a radiator to the ship (roof)
  • Added bolts to the generator
  • There were a bunch of beams not part of the ship frame
  • Added two bolts (fixes durability issue in one propellant container when doors were open)
  • Various art fixes, additions and tweaks
  • Multiple rendering fixes
Building Tool
  • Fixed material consumption
  • Material amounts update in real time
  • Fixed infinite fixing bug
  • A few particle effects tweaks
  • Shadows should no longer flicker
  • Tweaked general lighting
  • Fixed various locales
  • Added FOV slider to Settings - Visual