Update 19.5.2021 (Alpha 458)


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Sep 6, 2019

Update 19.5.2021 (Alpha 458)

New features
  • Company Tag system
    • Companies can assign different kinds of tags to players. Serves as an internal rating system.
    • Company members can see assigned tags next to the player's name in the game world.
    • Tagged players can't see their tags and tags aren't visible to players outside the company.
    • Tags can be assigned and edited in Company -> Tags menu.
    • New permissions in Rank Control Panel:
      • "Create and edit tags" determines who can create new tags and edit tags in the "Tag Manager" page
      • "Edit tagged players" determines who can add/remove players and assign/remove tags in the "Tagged players" page
Known issues
  • Gravity in the hover area may pull the ship back to a point where it was moments before, when flying on low altitude on the moon
    • Cruising excessively along the moon surface is not recommended

Patch Notes

  • Fixed Pickaxe hit sounds not triggering properly
  • Pickaxe swing sound separated to normal and blunt and now the delay between different types is compensated
  • Pickaxe swings now have cool panning when used in first person
  • Removed ship acceleration sounds for now
  • Added 1st person animations for Socket Tool
  • Added 3rd person melee impact animations when aiming up/down, improving blending when hitting something
  • Added crouch moving while Universal Tool is active animation (3rd person) for rifles and Rocket Launcher
  • Minor fixes in pickace prone transition animations and new c4 prone transition animations (from crouch to prone and back, and from stand to prone and back)
  • Polished Pickaxe swing, swing end, moving, and moving crouched while Universal Tool is active animations in 3rd person
  • Polished crouch moving animations while Universal Tool is active
  • Audio Signal Device Mark I:
    • Now has categories configured
    • All old sounds still exist, but they are under new categories and legacy configurations are broken
  • Fixed an issue that caused Cargo Lock Beam to pass through the ship it was attached to
  • Fixed Cutting Tool vfx not sticking to moving objects
  • Tweaked ship thruster effects
  • Fixed an issue that caused an unowned ship to disappear on hosting player relog if the ship was assembled from parts outside the Ship Designer
  • Fixed an issue that caused moon rocks loaded to memory never unloading
  • Fixed an issue that caused ships to disappear after a host change
  • Fixed an issue that caused ships to get slammed to the moon surface due to incorrect hovering velocity projection
  • Fixed an issue that caused two bought ships to spawn on top of each other
  • Potentially fixed an issue causing broken fullscreen modes when starting the game in windowed mode
  • Fixed incorrect position of temp-text for job temp tools
  • Added new Russian translations
Moon Gravity
  • Added hover enter distance (set to 30m from the surface)
    • To hover, the ship must be within the entry height and move slow enough
  • Added hover exit distance (to 100m)
    • Either reaching the 100m height or moving faster than the vertical speed limit will cause the gravity to kick in
  • Increased the vertical speed limit at which players are able to travel in the hover area on the moon before gravity kicks in from 30m/s to 40m/s
  • Updated the following player-made ships:
    • 19 God Gives
    • F1-A Xiphos
    • F2-A Raptor
    • Wolverine AC
    • Wolverine LAS
    • Wolverine PLAS
    • Wyvern
    • Heptifili
    • Heretha
    • Pinecone Mk2
    • Tabletka
    • Buffalo
    • Cutlass
    • Estoc
    • Messer
    • Shaska
    • Firefly
    • Barrow72
    • Apito
    • Croc
    • Elyune
    • Shuna
    • Hanarr
  • Added descriptions for the following player-made ships:
    • AA Freedom
    • Sherwood
    • F1-A Xiphos
    • F2-A Raptor
    • Piece of Cheese
    • Moon Moth
  • Renamed the following player-made ships:
    • F1-A Xiphos to CMC E1-A Xiphos
    • F2-A Raptor to CMC F2-A Raptor
    • Heptifili A to Heptifili MK2
    • Heretha A to Heretha MK2
    • Hanarr A to Hanarr MK2
  • Updated descriptions for the following player-made ships:
    • Po-8 Strannik
    • Moon Midge
    • "Antares" Twin Frame
    • Mercury
    • Manta
    • Lyngbaker A
  • Fixed Linchetto player-made ship's description not showing
  • Added the following player-made ships to Rando 3 Ship Shop:
    • AA Freedom
    • MLS-8-252 "Truzhenik"
    • Sherwood
  • Removed the following player-made ships from OKI 3 Ship Shop:
    • Mantis Brawler
    • Mantis Crusher
    • Mantis Hunter
Ship Designer
  • Added 12x12 and 12x36 ducts to Ship Designer
  • Fixed a crash that was caused by renaming an existing module while previous renaming was being saved
  • Fixed an issue that was caused by copy and pasting a large amount of Triangle Thrusters
  • Added holograms (direction indicators) for mega station corner slots
  • Updated Ship Showroom holograms and LODs
  • Updated market stations module LODs
  • Updated the windows of Empire and Kingdom outposts' hall modules
  • Added circle effects for waypoint targets
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to lose materials at repair job
  • Increased the icon size in the mineral discovery message
  • Tutorial jobs now reward tools after the job tutorial is complete and the player leaves the job site
  • Updated tutorial reset functionality
  • Quickbar Hide delay now accepts 0


Veteran endo
Apr 20, 2020
seeing all those gravity changes can only mean one thing --> time to hover (crash) at the moon again^^


Well-known endo
Nov 23, 2019
  • Gravity in the hover area may pull the ship back to a point where it was moments before, when flying on low altitude on the moon
    • Cruising excessively along the moon surface is not recommended
funny, when I first read this I thought it said Cursing not Cruising! LOL