Update 21.4.2021 (Alpha 428)


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Sep 6, 2019

Update 21.4.2021 (Alpha 428)

There are two changes in this patch that we wanted to discuss in more detail.

1) Player made Stations are getting refactored, meaning that the technology and code behind them has been rewritten and adapted to a more "final" state. This change should be mostly transparent to players. If you own a station, the station will automatically convert if you are hosting the station. If the process is interrupted, it will pick up where it left off. During the process the station is not fully loaded and modules will appear one by one as they make the transition - once the station has fully loaded, the process has finished and you can log off. Stations without owner do not go through the process automatically and will need developer assistance.

2) Device bolting to stations is being changed in the near future. In this patch the old way is still enabled but bolted devices may have unforeseen consequences.

The Station changes will enable future improvements to stations in a better way than our previous implementation. Stay tuned for future updates!

Major Updates and New Features
  • Station tech refactoring
  • Added decal painting to Paint Tool (Tool Options -> Paint decals)
Known Issues
  • Ships don't always load when approached
  • Having multiple levers using the same name causes odd behavior when interacted through ship binds
  • Old station tech had issues with saving items attached to stations via bolting/free welding, some items may disappear if unattached and picked up after refactor
  • Spamming Decal Painting Tool and undoing the operation may get the brush stuck
  • Setting Decal Painting Tool size to 0 causes issues
  • Mining backpack keeps collecting when it is full

Patch Notes

  • Updated emote "shrug"
  • Fixed floating lamp stands from Lot Designer modules
  • Fixed floating columns in large Ship Design Workshops
  • Updated multiple LODs textures due to window updates
  • Added a cliff material for a moon
  • Added icon for Launcher Mount Small Turntable
  • Moon City skyscrapers
    • Updated multiple roof interiors and LODs
    • Replaced legacy window assets in multiple skyscraper modules
  • Added Rangefinder on, off, loop and hit loop sounds
  • Added missing sonar ping sound for Audio Signal Device
  • Added separate audio for Buzzsaw when it's in operation and in contact
  • Fixed Mining Laser start sound not always playing
  • Fixed one-time sounds from different cells not syncing properly
  • Fixed active audio playback when player pressed fire before a tool was ready
Devices and Machinery
  • Fixed a snapping issue with Ship Diagnostic Scanner
  • Fixed shooting Reconstruction Machine crashing the game
  • Updated shoot, projectile and hit VFX
    • Antigel Rifle
    • Whiplash
  • Added reload effect to Whiplash
  • Fixed items in the game world inheriting player velocity when loaded
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed upload amount in main menu
  • Polished the crash error message
Missiles and Torpedoes
  • Fixed every missiles and torpedo part having YOLOL lock fields
  • Fixed torpedoes not detonating on impact
  • Fixed missiles not flying straight
Player Stations
  • Refactored player station tech
  • Fixed unwelded terminals showing a debug text
  • Disabled welding multi-part components to the player station when a hologram is available
Ship Designer
  • Added decal painting to Paint Tool (Tool Options -> Paint decals)
  • Added mouse wheel controls to Paint Tool for changing the brush radius and brush plane depth
    • Ctrl + Mouse Wheel for the radius, Shift + Mouse Wheel for the depth
  • Fixed module rotation revert not working after having deleted the module
  • Players are damaged and undesireable components are now destroyed inside Plasma Thrusters
Ship Shops
  • Added ships shops to Primary Stations (OKI 1-3, Rando 1-4, Duratech, Khemosh and Kbot)
    • Elysium Warp Gate
    • Empire Outpost B
    • Empire Outpost C
    • Pirate Outpost
  • Updated player-made ships
    • Arrowhead
    • Demetrios
    • Nymph
  • Added descriptions for player-made ship Arrowhead
  • Removed player-made ship Po-5 Nautilus from economy
  • Edited Generator Socket Board description
  • Fixed a typo in Settings -> Gameplay -> Lot Transponders
  • Changed "Founder Stations" to "Primary Stations" in Settings
  • Increased Buzzsaw range from 2 to 3
  • Building Tool and Universal Tool can now identify and use ore stored in Mining Backpack
  • Raised default "Speed limit for Station Transponder visibility" from 7 to 10
  • Removed the fourth ship from Demolition Job tutorial
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May 22, 2020
Exciting! The station refactor sounds very interesting. Any more information on what this refactor allows? Or what the driving force behind the need to refactor was?