Update 25.2.2021 (Alpha 364)


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Sep 6, 2019

Update 25.2.2021 (Alpha 364)

New Features and Major Updates
  • Ship decals and Decal Tool to Ship Designer
    • All decals are located in the "Decals" folder in Asset Browser
    • The Decal Tool can be found from the Toolbox in the Spaceship Designer, and it is also automatically selected whenever you select a decal from the Asset Browser
    • When the Decal Tool is active, you are able to select decals with M1 from your ship; use Ctrl + M1 for selecting multiple decals
    • You can use mouse wheel to scale the selected decals, and Ctrl + mouse wheel to rotate the selected decals
    • You can also press 1 or 2 to select the Move or Rotate Tool in order to move or rotate decals when the Decal Tool is active
    • Building budget
      • The amount of decals in ships is limited by how many parts they cover
      • One large decal extending over ten parts or ten smaller decals each covering one part use an equal amount of the building budget
  • Safety Lid Buttons to Ship and Interior Designer (Devices -> Controls)
    • Safety Lid Button Round 24x24 cm
    • Safety Lid Button Square 24x24 cm
  • Switch 12x24 to Interior and Ship Designer (Devices -> Controls)
    • The switch has three different SwitchStyles
      • 0: Hold down and release
      • 1: Basic Toggle (click to toggle)
      • 2: Toggles between -1 and 1 without stopping to the middle at 0
  • Plasma Thrusters added to Ship Part shop and Ship Designer (Machinery -> Thrusters)
    • The first version uses Hydrogen propellant only
    • Later versions will require Hydrogen and Karnite propellant
    • Karnite propellant tanks are the same size as Hydrogen, and can use the same tank support
  • New Pirate Outpost station for events
Known Issues
  • Automatic Thruster Naming doesn't work with Plasma Thrusters
  • Using more than one Plasma Thruster in a ship may cause instability while the thrusters warm up (the first 60 seconds)
  • Decals can't be copied in Ship Designer
  • Cannot use undo on decal selections in Ship Designer
  • If player exits game while their station is still loading, LOD stays on the station
    • Workaround: Do not exit the the game while stations are still loading

Patch Notes

  • Added new transition animations from stand to prone and back, and from crouch to prone and back
    • Pickaxe
    • Rocket Launcher prone
  • Polished 3rd person prone melee animations
  • Added inventory icons
    • Laser Designator
    • Missile and torpedo parts
    • Straight beams
    • Utility Tool Body 2, Utility Tool Body 2 Mirror
  • Fixed floating lights on landing platforms
    • Empire VIS Headquarters (Large)
    • Kingdom VIS Headquarters (Large)
  • Updated moon ground textures
  • Updated spawn sounds for Insurance Transfer and Reconstruction Machine
  • Updated Building Tool building and fixing sound
  • Updated the audio limiter
Demolition Job
  • Updated ships with more damage and removed engine for tutorial
    • Pincer
    • Spatha
    • Knight
  • Added Safety Lid Buttons and Switch 12x24 cm to Ship Part shop
  • Added Plasma Thruster parts to Ship Part shop
  • Updated Panel Base crafting materials
  • Fixed moon positions in the background (affects all editors)
  • Added new Endo Hit effects
    • Laser Rifle
    • Bolter Gun
    • Plasma Rifle
    • Rail Gun
  • Added "Rotate facing to up" bind to Settings -> Controls -> Player movement
    • Rotates player look direction to become new up direction
    • Default bind "Numpad 8"
  • Prevented a Mining Laser power throttling exploit where multiple lasers could be kept on periodically with just one generator with small effect on mining efficiency
Interior Designer
  • Added Safety Lid Buttons and Switch 12x24 cm to Asset Browser -> Devices -> Controls
Lot Designer
  • Fixed the lot not always showing when editing one in a player station
  • Company
    • Fixed member counts shown as zero in team hierarchy
  • Inbox
    • Changed mails in Sent tab to show recipient instead of sender
    • Added recipient info to opened mail view
    • Added inbox mail filters
  • News in the main menu can be now read during maintenance
Player Stations
  • Fixed station parts warping to another location if the station owner returned to the station while other players were there
  • Fixed lot transponder texts appearing in places where lots didn't exist
  • Added more fixes to map parts that failed to load to fully detailed models after returning from the asteroid belt and visiting other stations
Reconstruction Machine
  • Fixed the game crashing after loading a Reconstruction Machine
  • Changed the default spawning orientation
    • Player now faces away from the machine instead of looking towards the back wall
  • Fixed ships ending up to unrecoverable state after despawning them at a player station landing pad
  • Fixed Station Foundation Unit becoming unbuildable after moving to another cell
Ship Designer
  • Added Decal Tool
    • Decals can be selected from from Asset Browser -> Decals
    • Limited Decal Coverage in Building Budget
  • Added Safety Lid Buttons and Switch Button 12x24 cm to Asset Browser -> Devices -> Controls
  • Added Plasma Thruster parts to Asset Browser -> Machinery -> Thrusters
  • Added Plasma Thruster module to Spaceship Modules Starter Kit
  • Updated Material Tool icon
  • Launcher Support now snaps with Turret Cradle
Ship Shops
  • Updated player-made ships
    • 10 Flying Arrow Stains the Sky Black
    • Aelsa A
    • Alfrigg A
    • "Antares" Twin Frame Freighter
    • Axiom
    • Beli A
    • Consultor LMOT401 (switched to Consultor II LMOT402)
    • EYDAMA A
    • Faradagr A
    • Fornbogi
    • Fundinn A
    • Heptifili A
    • Herfjotur
    • Hopbox LCOT202
    • Inanis Venari
    • Jordis A
    • Notnagel
    • Sinthgut A
    • Veggr A
    • Volsung A, Volsung B and Volsung C
  • Updated dev-made ships
    • Anubis
    • Carrier
    • Hauler
    • Pincer
    • Zilant
  • Updated ship descriptions
    • Kaiser
  • Removed player-made ships from the economy
    • Bruiser MSET302
    • Pincher
    • Spiker
  • Added more Russian translations to various menus and GUI elements
  • Updated several station part names (mainly ones that are used in Station Foundation Unit)
  • Changed "Endoskeleton Parts Kit" to "Endoskeleton Replacement Kit"
  • Fixed Plate Beveled Corner A Small name and description as it was previously identical with Plate Beveled Corner A Large
  • Socket Tool
    • Sockets can be now placed across seams of multiple components
  • Fixed Ship Transponders using the blueprint file name as the ship name instead of the localized name
  • Added fixes to a safe zone related crash
  • Added new Pirate Outpost station