Update 4.2.2021 (Alpha 344)


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Sep 6, 2019

Update 4.2.2021 (Alpha 344)

New Features and Major Updates
  • Four-part version of Reconstruction Machine
  • Endoskeleton Parts Kits (available from Factory shop)
  • Small 3D Printer added to Ship Designer, Interior Designer and marketplace
  • Items in inventory can be placed from Quickslot (Quickbar) to universe
Known Issues
  • Dropped items may disappear suddenly from the universe
  • Ships can be only be despawned at Moon City, but not respawned
  • Robur station's old insurance transfer bind does not work anymore and requires rebinding to the new one
  • Picking up certain items (e.g. batteries) too quickly to inventory may cause them to not show up in inventory properly (can be still sold in sell panels)
  • Quickslot placing may break if items that you have bound to quickslots end up in the void via the previously mentioned method
    • Selling the items that get sent into the void restores functionality to the quickslot placing again
  • Updated Pickaxe prone move animations
  • Polished 3rd person melee animations
  • Updated Panel Base bolt profile
  • Fixed a mistake in YOLOL Rack Chip textures
  • Added multiple LODs for cities
    • Landing sections
    • Ship Designer Workshop
  • Removed half-floating beams from city sections
    • Foundation modules
    • Landing sections
  • Updated Propellant Tank explosion sound
  • Updated Autocannon hit sound
  • Created custom panning system for sounds that should sound wider and use stereo sounds with noticeable difference in each channel
    • Thruster and explosion sounds now use the new custom panning system
  • Added Re-whisper
    • Sends message to target that was last whispered
    • Unbound by default (Settings -> Controls -> Chat)
  • Added 3D Printer Small to Ship Designer, Interior Designer and Factory shop
    • Found in Ship Designer: Machinery -> Power and Interior Designer: Machinery -> Tools
    • Used primarily when starting up and hand-building stations
    • Capable of limited autonomous operation
    • Set UtilityConnection field to 1 to enable transfer of materials and items between the printer and storage, place Fuel Rod to the fuel chamber, and then operate like larger printer
    • Utility connection is available anywhere within Station Storage area, but doesn't transfer any power from storage to printer
    • Working speed can be increased with radiators (it can only handle half of its maximum generated heat by itself)
  • Reconstruction Machine
    • Split up to four parts (Cradle Module, Fabricator Module, Generator Module and Terminal Module)
    • Fixed the camera warping when the machine was used
    • Fixed not being able to use Reconstruction Machine on a ship if the ship was not within hosting range
  • Ore Towers
    • Limited selling properly to 250 crates per "Sell All" action
  • Added Endoskeleton Parts Kits to economy
    • Can be bought from Factory Shop
  • Added Remote Explosives to Bolt & Cable shop
  • Hitting a moon with Pickaxe now spawns an effect
  • Added new melee punch effect
  • Unarmed Melee
    • Added nugget creation to melee damage
  • Fixed not being able to pick up beams that were welded together
  • Items can be now placed to the universe from inventory with Quickbar slots
    • Select a slot with an item with a number key and place the item with "E" or Mouse Button 1
    • The quickslot icon turns grey, if there are no more items to drop in the inventory
Moon City
  • Added Ship Design Workshop (without Ship Designer terminals)
  • Added landing platforms (without spawning terminals)
  • Added Insurance Transfer terminal inside one of the Ship Design Workshops
  • Fixed "Keep chat on top" eating ESC menu input
  • Prevented showing resize cursor icons when hovering non-resizable windows
  • Fixed unevenly thick borders in inventory slots
  • Bank Statement tab
    • Adjusted balance section layout
    • Fixed Total balance not updating
Missiles and Torpedoes
  • Fixed Torpedo Fuse's timer device fields not working
  • Fixed missiles and torpedoes merging and locking together
  • Fixed "TargetThrust" device field not saving properly
Resource Networks
  • Added fixes to coolant disappearing when flying through debris
  • Fixed multiple issues with locking players to ship LODs during host migration
  • Fixed getting stuck on broken Pilot Chair even when enough room was cleared for exiting the chair
  • Fixed non-owners teleporting to a spawned ship if the ship was despawned while the non-owner was not present
  • Fixed player being warped to Pilot Chair when spawning a ship, if the ship was despawned while sitting on the pilot seat
  • Fixed detached thrusters being detected as part of the original ship even though they were carried beyond hosting range
  • Added limits for loading custom ship LODs
    • Only 50 nearest custom ship LODs will be loaded
    • Ships exceeding the limit will render premade LODs, and custom ships which have no premade LODs will render generic LODs instead
Ship Designer
  • Updated window toggle icons in the top bar
  • Layer locking no longer prevents manual unbolting
  • Fixed unnecessary saving when buying ships without doing any modifications
  • Fixed undoing a deletion making hidden items visible
  • Fixed player teleporting and immediately dying after re-entering the game, if Ship Designer was used during update
  • Changed Transformation Mode button to use icon only
  • Changed Material Cost's Available column to display total amount of available material in the storage
  • Changed the default behaviour for mouse cursor
    • Crosshair Mode in Test Mode
    • Cursor Mode in the editor
  • Windows can again be resized from anywhere within with Mouse Button 2
    • Added "RMB window scaling" option to Settings -> Spaceship Designer -> UI
Ship Shops
  • Updated player-made ships
    • 10 Flying Arrow Stains the Sky Black
    • R22-QS "Astra"
    • Stibnite
    • Tadpole
    • Trident Scooter
    • Trident T1
    • Trident T2
    • Trident T3
  • Fixed position difference between LODs and fully detailed models
    • Demetrios
    • Kaiser
    • Magni
    • Taniwha
  • Removed player-made ships from economy
    • Immatium
    • Immerius
    • Ironwing
    • Ridder
    • Speedstep
    • Walter
  • Added descriptions
    • Firefly Mk II
    • Messer
    • Sideswipe
  • Updated descriptions
    • Trident T1
    • Trident T2
  • Added new Mini Pirate Station near Empire Outpost B and C
  • Added three more Ship Design Workshops on Robur station
    • Added 5s ship despawn areas to new Ship Design Workshops
  • Fixed Ore Towers and Refill Stations causing heavy desyncing
  • Fixed Company transponders being visible after leaving a company
  • Changed Station Transponder default settings
    • Founder Station transponder range from 100 to 200
    • Distance for hiding Founder Station transponder signals from 0.5 to 1.5
  • Fixed a typo in the Audio Signal Device Mark I description
  • Fixed a typo in Ship Designer's module button tooltips
  • Remote Explosives
    • Adjusted placement preview colors and offset
  • Welding Tool
    • Fixed offset welds preventing snapping into beams and creating overlaps in Ship Designer
    • Fixed an issue where beams could not be welded to angled beams when placed in a certain way
    • Fixed welding half-way into angled beams failing
    • Prevented welding materials cubes to stations
    • Prevented welding objects to non-complete station parts
Additional Note
With the patch there's now free explosives in the game. This will be hotfixed soon and these explosives may be deleted from the game later by us.
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May 22, 2020
"Small 3D Printer added to Ship Designer, Interior Designer and marketplace"
I've been so looking forward to this! I just hope it works better than the last printer did for me! :D
Dec 18, 2019
With the patch there's now free explosives in the game. This will be hotfixed soon and these explosives may be deleted from the game later by us.
Alright ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, I guess it's time for me to pack a ship with an unreasonably large amount of explosives lol.


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Dec 10, 2019
Created custom panning system for sounds that should sound wider and use stereo sounds with noticeable difference in each channel
  • Thruster and explosion sounds now use the new custom panning system
I'm enjoying the new thruster sounds. They are pretty sweet.