Update 5.5.2021 (Alpha 443)


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Sep 6, 2019

Update 5.5.2021 (Alpha 443)

Major Updates and New Features
  • Added 250 electricity per second upkeep to Autocannon, Laser Cannon and Plasma Thrower (similar to Rail Cannon upkeep)
  • Added new ship shops to Origin station
    • Vintage
    • Quasar Systems
    • Epic Shipyards
    • Dynastar
Known issues
  • Ore in ore crates is not correctly recognized as building material unless same material is found also in mining backpack or station storage
  • Ships built in universe will disappear if their host leaves
    • Ships bought from ship shops or Ship Designer are not affected, even if decommissioned

Patch Notes

  • Rocket Launcher
    • Fixed prone animations
    • Added new prone transition animations (from stand/crouch to prone and back)
  • Pickaxe
    • Polished 3rd person running animations
    • Polished 3rd person walk and running animations while Universal Tool is active
    • Added 3rd person lowered walk animation
    • Fixed and polished Pickaxe position in the crouch walking animation
  • Added Launcher Support inventory icon
  • Added holograms to Spaceship Design Workshops to more closely resemble their planetary counterpart
Auction House
  • Changed default sort order in buy/listing tab
  • Added tutorial progress, completion and reward sounds
  • Changed Main Flight Computer material type from Kutonium to Bastium
  • Removed Arkanium from Text Panel 24x24 cm crafting materials
  • Updated and optimized Plasma Rifle Hit and Reload VFX
  • Fixed beams lagging and bending visually with high enough speeds
    • Cargo Lock Beam
    • Material Point Scanner
    • Mining Laser
    • Tractor Beam
    • Rangefinder
  • Added 250 per second electricity upkeep cost
    • Autocannon
    • Laser Cannon
    • Plasma Thrower
  • Added ChargeLimit YOLOL field to ship weapon barrels to adjust readiness of the weapon
  • Made Mining Backpack's ore stack progress bar relative to the slot max capacity
  • Fixed drag not working in Universal Tool scrollbars
  • Fixed scrollbar for ship bindsets list if the ship had more than 11 bindsets
  • Fixed Automatic ship bindset showing empty if the bind menu was opened while the ship was loading
  • Fixed credit field input in player trade window leaking Enter press with chat
  • Server disconnection message box is now hidden in screenshot mode
  • Fixed interaction with Universal Tool and terminal screens breaking from binding a modifier key and Mouse Button 1 to any bind
  • Fixed binding Mouse Button 1 in Settings menu being bother some due to accidental re-clicking
Missiles and Torpedoes
  • Fixed missiles exploding backwards at launch if the player had high framerate
  • Reduced Missile Warhead explosion radius from 2 meters to 1 meters
  • Adjusted missile initial acceleration values
  • Fixed moon rocks being loaded into memory without going to a moon
  • Fixed the game crashing while flying a ship and crashing it to the moon surface
  • Objects affected by gravity now go to sleep
  • Fixed Lifeline not returning the player properly if the ship didn't have a valid foothold
  • Tweaked Lifeline to fail less likely in very large ships
  • Fixed bolting jointed objects to a remote ship causing the joint disappear for clients
  • Prevented Lifeline from being attached to broken chairs
Ship Designer
  • Fixed Decal Tool's decal preview remaining in the scene if an active decal was swapped while hovering on a potential placement surface
  • Fixed materials and parts not being shown in Material Cost and buy dialog windows
  • Ship purchase UI no longer considers almost full resource containers as full
    • Prevents some rare ship buy errors
Ship Shops
  • Added new ship shops for player-made ships to Origin station
    • Dynastar
    • Epic Shipyards
    • Quasar Systems
    • Vintage
  • Added new player-made ships to Chemosh ship shop
    • Po-10 Quadrillion by Aisberg
    • Po-11 Alastor by Aisberg
  • Added new player-made ships to Dynastar ship shop
    • Biscuit by joshki and DynaStar
    • Intermediary by joshki
    • Sideswipe by joshki
  • Added new player-made ships to Epic Shipyards ship shop
    • Apito by Subaru
    • Pioneer by Senkii
    • Plasma Zeppelin by Perry, Subaru and Epic Corp
    • Catbox M and Catbox MU by Senkii
  • Added a new player-made ship to OKI 1 ship shop
    • Piece of Cheese by Mrroboto
  • Added new player-made ships to Rando ship shops
    • Ant by Animbecile (Rando 3)
    • Cicada by user (Rando 1)
    • Cutlass by Kodey (Rando 3)
    • Line Rider by Marki (Rando 2)
    • MF124 "Striker" V1.1. by Tagarik (Rando 2)
    • Robotnik by Lukaszlutek (Rando 1)
    • Sparkbolt by Xantex (Rando 4)
    • Trident T4 by Marki (Rando 3)
    • Warbler by Tao (Rando 2)
    • Wolverine - AC, Wolverine - LA and Wolverine - PLAS by Dageran (Rando 2)
  • Added new player-made ship to Quasar Systems ship shop
    • Messer by Kodey
    • Shaska by Kodey
  • Added a new player-made ship to Vintage ship shop
    • TriFin by Mutleyx
  • Moved ships to Rando ship shops
    • Arrowhead to Rando 4 from Rando 1
    • Bat to Rando 1 from OKI 1
  • Moved ships to Dynastar ship shop
    • Centauri from Rando 4
    • Hypervan from Rando 4
    • Jackrabbit and Jackrabbit (Military Variant) from Rando 4
    • Magnetar from Rando 1
    • X-Ball from Rando 3
  • Moved ships to Epic Shipyards ship shop
    • Baracuda from Rando 2
    • Catbox from Rando 1
    • Croc from Rando 3
    • Elyune from Rando 3
    • Hornet from Rando 2
    • Pinecone Mk2 Immolator from Rando 3
    • Shuna from Rando 2
  • Moved ships to Quasar Systems ship shop
    • Barracuda from Rando 2
    • Claymore from Rando 3
    • Estoc from Rando 2
    • Harpy from Rando 3
    • Kaiser from Rando 2
    • Kestral from Rando 4
    • Nohu from Rando 3
    • R22-QS "Astra" from Rando 4
    • Swine from Rando 3
    • Wolf 2540-4 from Rando 4
  • Moved ships to Vintage ship shop
    • 10 Flying Arrow Stains the Sky Black from Rando 3
    • Bumble from Rando 2
    • Chess In Space from Rando 1
    • The Dragonfly from Rando 3
    • Keg from Rando 4
    • Myrmidon from Rando 2
    • RockHopper to Vintage from Rando 2
    • StarBream and StarBreamCLF from Rando 1
    • Talon from Rando 3
    • Trident T1, Trident T2 and Trident Scooter from Rando 4
    • Trident T3 from Rando 3
  • Added player-made ships back to Duratech ship shop
    • Sinthgut
  • Updated player-made ships
    • 10 Flying Arrow Stains the Sky Black
    • Magnetar
    • Marmot-MN
    • Mite
    • Moon Midge
    • Moti Double
    • Po-8 Strannik
    • Tabletka
  • Removed player-made ships
    • MLS-8-252 "Truzhenik"
    • Modulus RP
    • Po-5 Nautilus
    • Tugger V2
    • Vigo
  • Updated descriptions for player-made ships
    • 10 Flying Arrow Stains the Sky Black
    • Marmot-MN
    • R22-QS "Astra"
    • Kestral
  • Polished lamp descriptions
  • Default of "Station transponder range" in Settings -> Gameplay -> Station transponders changed from 200 km to 100 km
  • Removed currently abandoned player stations being displayed on HUD