Update 7.7.2021 (Alpha 502)


Community Manager
Aug 9, 2019

Update 7.7.2021 (Alpha 502)

New Features and Major Updates
  • Tripod Legs, Tripod Autocannon and Tripod Autocannon Magazine
    • Available from Ship Weapon Shop at Marketplace
    • To use tripod weapons you must purchase a Tripod, a Tripod Autocannon and ammo for it. Once in your inventory, equip the tripod and press M1 to set it down on a ship. After assembling the tripod you'll be able to attach the tripod weapon on it by equipping the weapon and pressing M1 on the empty tripod.
    • Press P to pick up the tripod weapon from the tripod and press P on empty tripod to disassemble it
    • Tripods aren't allowed on stations at this time
  • Solar Panels
    • Solar panel arrays can be used to generate power. A working solar panel array consists of one or more solar panels connected to each other and a single solar power converter.
    • Panel arrays need to be in the same cable/device network with a single converter to function
      • Panels can be installed on hardpoints or on solar panel support
      • Converter coordinates power generation from all panels connected to it and provides controls and feedback to player
      • Only one converter per network is supported; if multiple converters are connected, only one will be functional
    • Panels generate power based on multiple factors
      • Angle to star
      • Damage to panels
      • Shadows
      • Partial obstruction based on how much fog cloud there is between the panel and the star
    • Panels with light sensors are less efficient at generating power but include device field data about star direction, if the star is in front of the panel
    • Solar panel support can be used to mount panels at different angles, or on top of a turntable for adjusting to a more optimal orientation based on star direction
    • Devices are available from Ship Part Shop at Marketplace and Spaceship Designer's Machinery -> Power category
  • Purchasing ships from Ship Shops now uses materials and parts from Station Storage
Known Issues
  • Solar panels recharge only one battery at a time
  • Some ships in stores require materials that are not on the ship to buy them
  • Tripods:
    • Picking up tripods from ships gives "inventory is full" and "can't pickup" errors incorrectly
    • Sideways tripod movement looks laggy to other players
    • Picking up broken tripod base may cause it to vanish or get fully repaired
    • Entering a tripod connected to a hinge/slider/turntable causes the player's view to stay in wrong place if they are moved during tripod use
  • Missiles and Torpedoes have debug lines on that show up in certain situations

Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented certain sit animations from activating on benches
  • Added new 3rd person unarmed jump and landing animation
  • Improved jump animations when equipped with a weapon
  • Updated Hauling Job far-LOD
  • Added additional decoration LODs to Mining Job
  • Fixed rotation in Marketplace windows
  • Fixed connected Resource Bridges playing additional wrong sounds
  • Fixed Cargo Beams producing unpowered sound when they were detached at Demolition Job
  • Fixed wrong moon surface footstep sounds
  • Added a unique music track to Fast Travel
  • Adjusted Fast Travel ambience to turn down ship thruster noise
  • Added Tripod Legs, Tripod Autocannon and Tripod Autocannon Magazine to Ship Weapon Shop
  • Added Solar Panel parts to Ship Part Shop
  • 3D Printer Small now uses T2 Exorium Fuel Rods
  • Changed YOLOL Chip Socket in economy to be the same as Spaceship Designer version
  • Reduced 3D printing electricity cost multiplier for Spaceship Designer from 2 to 0.4
  • Reduced cost of assembly for spaceships
  • Edited Hydrogen Propellant Tank capacity stats
  • Improved Remote Explosive VFX performance
  • Added shoot effect to Cutting Tool
  • Fixed equipping two-handed items by using Quickslots not working
  • Social -> Company
    • Fixed Rank or Job not being visible for offline members
    • Removed "Remove" button from the right-bottom corner of Company view
    • Removed "Add to station access" from the context menu
  • 2x2 sized items can be now placed into Mining Backpack
  • Fixed Missiles failing to lock properly
  • Fixed Missiles safezone launching messages being given to every player in the zone every time they arrive to the area
  • Fixed Missiles not accelerating immediately at launch if the ship was flying at full speed, causing them to blow up the ship instead
  • Fixed launching Missiles causing slightly drifting ships to spin uncontrollably
  • Clamped values in Missile and Torpedo device fields and prevented inputing negative values
  • Fixed ships disappearing for a while when transitioning from LOD to fully detailed ship
  • Fixed ships not displaying explosions to other players in LOD state
Ship Shops
  • Purchasing ships from Ship Shops now uses materials and parts from Station Storage
  • Updated Ship Shop panels
    • Added material cost and parts selection
    • Hid unused Ship details categories
    • Removed credits icon from Test Flight button
  • Updated player-made ships
    • Aelsa A
    • Alfrigg A
    • Antares-Class
    • Bomburr A
    • Catbox M and Catbox MU
    • Centauri
    • Croc
    • Dragonfly
    • Eydama A
    • Faradagar
    • Fundinn A
    • Hanarr A
    • Heptifili
    • Heretha A
    • Jagerfall A
    • Jordis A
    • Komatsu and Komatsu (Tier 1)
    • Lyngbaker A
    • Magnetar
    • Manta
    • Mastodon
    • Merchantman
    • Meteor H1
    • Micro
    • Modulus (Tier 1)
    • Monarch Mk-1
    • Moneymaker (Tier 1)
    • Moneyman
    • Moti
    • Mustang
    • Notnagel
    • Ormvidar A
    • Signy A
    • Sinthgut
    • Sparkbolt Mk-2
    • Tick
    • Vana B
    • Volsung A, Volsung B and Volsung C
  • Updated several ship descriptions
Spaceship Designer
  • Changed weaponry limit to 120
    • All old ship weapons weigh as 4 points while tripods weigh as 1 point
  • Fixed a bug where rendering wasn't called properly after editor restart
  • Added Solar Panel parts to Asset Browser -> Machinery -> Power
  • Fixed Durability Tool blinking if it was used with Center of Mass and Center of Thrust visualization tools
  • Center of Thrust is now shown for selected thrusters when there is a selection
  • Added materials to material selection
    • Ymrium
    • Daltium
    • Targium
    • Naflite
    • Talkite
  • Changed "SSC" to "Spaceship Designer" in Spaceship Designer terminals
  • Changed "Plasma Thrower" to "Plasma Cannon" in multiple item names and descriptions for consistency
  • Fixed a typo in "Show snap points through objects" option
  • Named raw fuel resources between Nhurgite and Exorium for easier identification


Veteran endo
May 22, 2020
OMG Solar.

OMG Ore/parts to buy ships. I hope we can see which parts are needed to buy a ship, or I can foresee this being problematic, particularly for new players.
Feb 7, 2020
Oke. Materials for purchasing ships in ship shops does not have any logic - specially faction wise imo.

1. Its kills the purpose of ship shop for faction development - up until now we needed ship shops for EA so we can purchase our own ships for credits, not worrying too much if we have all needed ores. Now is there any reason to have a faction ship shop? We are just sharing our own designs to players that do not build ships for no benefit. The result is obvious imo... the ship shops will be full of crappy, not really useful ships that new players will purchase to end disappointed. I mean... why would I submit any good ship to ship shop now? For fame and glory, yeah, but is it worth it?

2. It also kills the purpose of Auction House as credits value is totally sinked. Imo there is no price competition anymore and ores will cost insane amount of credits no matter how many people sell it there. And why would you sell your ores when its the only value you have in the game now? You need just a bit of creds to pay for ship shop fee or SSC fee. I do not see economy developing from this point on... Players will mine ore cause they need them to build/buy ships, stations, Capitol Ships more then they will ever need creds.

3. This will just make grind for ores more tasky, harder and trade between players will go to simple barter - I have more of Bastium, I will exchange it to some Kutonium. The entire economy just got degraded to simple barter.

4. All players that have skills to earn creds/ores by designing and selling ships will lose the job and revert to mindless mining. Mining becomes the main and only major source of income, but only as a means to be able to actually get the ship from SSC or ship shop.

5. I bet many factions will have to revise their plans for faction development in EA, specially factions like mine that focused in these last few months to prepare ships for our own ship shop that will enable us to advance in the game and work towards the Capitol ships and Stations. Now we are just slowed down for no reason and single player oriented players do not have any special benefit either, from this system. Example: My faction organized to sell our starter ships that are literally useless so we can purchase one or two good ships from our own ship shop. Now we are forced to use starter ships to collect enough ores for better ship... Considering that starter ship are meant for safe zone mining only, the mining area will be crowded with players and it will be harder to find ores we need for our own ships. Our inventories will be full of ores that we do not need and there will be no purpose in selling them as credits do not mean much + all other players will have them too, so Auction house will be saturated with not needed ores and their price will be higher than expected - not lower, cause why would you compete for price on the market that has no economy at all. Any rare ore you have, you will either keep for your self or you will set insane price for it for really desperate. And then if somebody buys your ore in AH, you will get so much credits that you will have no ambition to sell another batch. Its just that you will not need that much creds that have no real value. Now, we will also have to change all our present ship summited for ship shop, so we can get them for less rare ores. We will need to remove all valuable parts of the ships and purchase them in market, like mining lasers, better thrusters and power production systems... This means that the ship shops will be full of half finished ships that you need to refit ingame buying stuff from market. Honestly, this is total mess imo and I would really like to hear any kind of explanation why this is implemented at all.

I truly hope this is just an experiment and that this system will be reverted to previous state. Also, atm we have unrealistic wealth in our inventories as CA testers + the income from those ships we scavenge and sell after getting vouchers from devs for the events and this will not impact the gameplay that much. But in EA, after the reset and wipe... It will be huge disadvantage to every player and specially bad for factions that actually invested time and effort to prepare for EA. Now, many will say that CA testers should not have any advantage in EA, but it is inevitable effect as we are playing this game for over a year now. All we got from this update regarding mats as requirement for ship shop is frustration and hundreds of hours wasted in designing ships, preparing development strategy, while it would not influence in any beneficial way any new player or faction - They will not even have knowledge to refit ingame those half finished ships from ship shops and you can expect millions of questions for ship designers. At least they could have had a decent useful, finished ships to purchase for creds until they learn to build their own.


Master endo
Aug 9, 2019
1. Faction ship shops were never a quick shortcut to easy share a BP for them to buy, as for the quality of ships about 50% are already crappy and not really useful. ship shops are temporary until full manufacturing and player built ships are in, then these will be discontinued and ships will be fully purchased from those who have and can supply their own shops, this is an entire gameplay loop unto itself.

2. Are you kidding?! this gives purpose to those both buying and selling ore, there are many players that just wanna mine, how will they sell ore for any decent amount of profit if no player needs any. Also the AH will eventually tie into the shops/SSC most likely so you can autobuy what you need for a displayed price.

3. You think Barter wouldn't happen anyway? the AH has a fee you know, people were always gonna be doing this and already are.

4. Again your kidding right? those with the skills to developed the right ships that don't break the ore bank will be saught after, also company blueprints will be a thing.

5. I know at least a few companies that already have been expecting and waiting for this to happen, its not really been a secret, we've all been told multiple times for months. Sorry to say but from your example, your faction doesn't know what its doing.
The starter area IS MASSIVE, the only crowded part will be closest to the starter stations but there is so much extra space to use in the safe zone alone that we could all mine a separate area and never bump into each other.
Your inventory will only be full of ore if you don't sell it, and this comment saying there will be no purpose in selling them as credits do not mean much is rubbish, you will sell ore for the going price the same as you will buy ores for the going price, everyone is gonna be needing ore, you sell what you don't need, buy what you do need.

The entire point of this, which will be coming to the parts shop too, is so you specifically CANT shortcut your way to rare and valuable items, you will need to buy the ore needed or the items directly from the AH, from other players, in fact, thinking about it, without this there is no way for salvagers to make money, if you could just buy everything for credits, what good will be selling parts on the AH.
Finding those ores and upgrading your ship will actually mean something, hell ships alone will actually mean something, right now they are too easily replaced and worthless, even for T2/3 miners!


Community Manager
Aug 9, 2019
Update 8.7.2021 (Alpha 504)


  • Removed unintentional debug lines when firing missiles and torpedoes
  • Fixed Tripods causing durability errors in ships


Community Manager
Aug 9, 2019
Update 8.7.2021 (Alpha 505)


Tripod Weapons
  • Fixed Tripods dropping from ships when other clients unloaded the ship


Community Manager
Aug 9, 2019
Update 13.7.2021 (Alpha 506)

  • Fixed ship purchasing with vouchers in ship shops


Community Manager
Aug 9, 2019
Update 13.7.2021 (Alpha 507)

Hotfix (of sorts)

  • Removed connection limitations around other parts of Origin station except the despawn areas near the Command Center and Work Hub
  • Updated terminals in the Work Hub, some were rotated incorrectly

  • Fixed two cases where the game froze unexpectedly for a short duration

Known issues
  • Two instances in the Mining Job vacuum ore to the wrong direction (visual bug only)